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Beware of shady partnership pitches

When faced with a partnership proposal ask these questions to determine if the deal is truly a strategic partnership or a sham.

here comes a time in the life of every young company where the idea of seeking strategic partners arises. Entering into symbiotic relationships with other companies can be a great marketing strategy. If the partnership works, both companies will enjoy the benefit of one another’s customer bases while better serving the customers’ needs themselves.

But businesses must always be mindful of strategic partnership wolves dressed in a sheep’s clothing.  Of note, some marketers like to call doing business with their company a “partnership opportunity,” playing on a business’s interest in entering strategic partnerships. They call or email you stating that they would like to discuss these “partnership opportunities” to lure you in. So you set the call up.

Now, if you have any experience in sales whatsoever about two minutes into the call you start smelling something fishy. Between all of the sales buzz words being used on the other end of the phone suggestion this “partnership” is starting to sound a lot like a marketing pitch. Finally, you politely interrupt the person on the other end and bluntly ask “Are you trying to sell me something or are we talking about a strategic partnership?” At this point the salesperson knows they have been discovered but they try and persevere saying something like, “We partner with all of our customers to….” And there it is. They look at you as a customer and not a partner.

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