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Best way to bounce back from a mistake

So you messed up. Psychologists have worked out a game plan for exactly what you should do next.

No matter how clever, competent, or well prepared you are for the challenges of starting and running a business, you’re going to screw up from time to time.

That’s not only simple human nature but also a testament to how challenging entrepreneurship truly is. So how do you bounce back mentally after these set backs?

This is a question psychologists have plenty to say on. Their advice may surprise the more hard-charging and highly strung among us, but would hardly shock your kindergarten teacher. What’s the best course of action following a screw up? Forget beating yourself up and instead be nice – to yourself.

When it comes to learning from mistakes, you might think that holding yourself to a high standard and being uncompromising in your self-criticism is the best, if not most immediately pleasant, course of action, but that’s not what a recent PsyBlog post on the subject recommends. Instead, try “self-compassion.”

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