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Best and worst jobs in Australia revealed

Translators and web developers have the best jobs of 2013, while couriers and labourers are sitting at the top of the worst jobs list.

That’s according to job search engine Adzuna, which analysed over 2,000 job titles. They examined factors like earning potential, working conditions, unemployment rates, and job security to find the best, worst, most stressful, and most promising jobs in Australia.

Translators, web developers, and surgeons take the top three spots on the best jobs list thanks to their high levels of job security, high average salaries, and significant potential for income growth, it was found.

On the other side of the coin, labourers, couriers, and journalists have the worst jobs in Australia due to high-pressure deadlines and low income growth potential.

The report also revealed that pilots and oil riggers have the most stressful jobs, while librarians and translators have the most comfortable jobs thanks to low levels of competition, few deadlines, and small amounts of physical work.

The most promising jobs for the future include those in the IT and engineering sectors, with the average wage growing 8 per cent since the last quarter. On the other hand, reduced demand means travel agents, postmen, and factory workers have the worst outlook.

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