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Australians more stressed than ever before

Stressed Computer GirlLifeline’s annual stress poll has revealed that Australians are more stressed than ever before, with 2010 figures up on their 2009 counterparts.

According to Newspoll, 90 per cent of the population are experiencing stress in their lives, with 43 per cent reporting to be incredibly stressed.

The results indicate that in the past year the number of stressed Australians has risen by 650,000.

Lifeline CEO Dawn O’Neil believes that internationally, Australians are now amongst the most highly strung in the world.

“In fact, Australians are more stressed than Americans. Believe it or not, when you compare the results of the USA’s last stress poll to ours, we are significantly more stressed than they are.

“Australians really need to work at managing their stress levels.”

Unsurprisingly, the number one cause of stress for Australians is work, with nearly three quarters of Australians finding work to be a source of great strain and pressure.

In second place is stress about the future with 69% finding it a cause for concern. 65% of Australians are worried about finances while just over half consider health to be majorly stressful.

Contrastingly, only 42% of respondents declared personal relationships to be something worth fretting about.

“That’s why we are asking people to take a day off stress and join us for Stress Down Day” Ms O’Neill declared.

Stress Down Day is coming up on Friday the 23rd of July, encouraging all Australians to take a load off and dress down for work.

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