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Australian businesses fail at customer service

Australian consumers are not happy with current standards of customer service, and are not spending as much as a result, a survey released today has found. No Customer Service

The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found that 81 percent of Australians feel that that businesses are not doing anything extra to keep their business or are taking their business for granted, with only 2 percent reporting that service usually exceeds their expectations. The survey also revealed that the majority of consumers would spend an average of 8 percent more if exceptional customer service accompanied the service.

By not going the extra mile businesses are losing the opportunity to increase revenue, says Vice President of American Express World Service in Australia Christine Wakefield.

“Businesses should take note: not only do consumers want and expect superior service, they said they are willing to spend more over time for it,” Ms Wakefield said.

American Express also discovered that experiencing good service has become more important to consumers since the Global Financial Crisis. Yet 71 percent of consumers believe that in the current economy businesses have not changed their attitudes toward customer service or are paying even less attention to providing good customer service.

Businesses need to recognise that more people taking stock of their spending habits and maintaining good service is becoming more important, says Ms Wakefield.

“Especially in this tight economic environment, consumers are focused on getting good value for their money”, Ms Wakefield said.

“Many consumers say companies haven’t done enough to improve their approach to service in this economy and yet it’s clear they’re willing to spend more with those that deliver excellent service, suggesting substantial growth opportunities for businesses that get customer service right,” Ms Wakefield added.

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