Aussie business keen to go green

Australian businesses are still keen to go green, despite the current downturn and the costs involved, according to a survey conducted by Grant Thornton.

The Grant Thornton International Business Report has shown that 55 percent of Australian businesses are willing to implement environmentally friendly practices, even it means at a higher cost to their business.

The international survey of 7,200 privately held businesses has shown that Australia is more willing than other countries to green their workplace, with 35 percent of New Zealand businesses willing to do so, 46 percent of US businesses, and 43 percent of German businesses.

Tony Markwell, National Head of Privately Held Business at Grant Thornton Australia, believes this enthusiasm should be a clear sign to the Government to support green initiatives.

“Before the economy took a nose dive, Australian businesses were bombarded by the ‘need to be green. Now, as businesses struggle to stay afloat, it’s encouraging to see that they still feel responsible for the long-term sustainability of our nation, even though there are few financial incentives to support green activity.”

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