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Apple-Samsung decision: Copycats be warned

Jurors reveal the details behind their $1 billion decision in the high-stakes court battle between the tech giants.

The lesson from Samsung’s $1 billion loss in court to Apple? According to the jurors on the case, it’s simple: stepping on a competitor’s intellectual property is dangerous territory. This week, a handful of those jurors spoke out about this now notorious legal battle.

“It was obvious there was some copying going on,” juror Manual Ilagan told The Wall Street Journal.

He said at one point during the trial the nine-member jury looked at slides which depicted the design evolution of Samsung’s smartphones over the last few years. The slides bore a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone.

But it was emails exchanged between Samsung employees that cinched the jury’s decision to support Apple, foreman juror Velvin Hogan said in a televised interview with Bloomberg. In one email, Samsung executives expressed admiration for Apple’s designs. Another contained a message from Google, which Hogan pointed to as the deciding piece of evidence of Samsung’s infringement.

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