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Apple iPhone update for iPhone 3G/3GS problems ironed out

Apple’s iPhone update to iOS4 caused some problems for iPhone 3G and 3GS phones, but the problems with Google Sync appear to have been ironed out finally.

iPhone UpdateApple’s iPhone update caused users grief when restoring their phones after updating to iOS 4, many people reported problems when syncing their Google accounts (Mail, Calender and Contacts) using the Google Sync App. It is believed that a combination of the load placed on Google’s servers, combined with how the iPhone update caused the phones to ‘handshake’ with Google’s servers was to blame.

It was advised previously that if you use your iPhone for business and rely on Gmail/Google Accounts syncing to work, to not apply the iOS 4 iPhone update. Now that the load problems with the Google servers has been addressed, users are generally reporting much more success after applying the iPhone update. However if Google sync is critical to you as a business, at the very least, set aside more than a few hours to ensure the iOS 4 iPhone update works properly. The iOS 4 update takes anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour (not including the time to download the update) plus time to troubleshoot the Google Sync problems (if any).

People running Google Apps on a Domain (generally business users) are told to use the following settings to get Google Sync to work after the iOS 4 iPhone update:

  1. E-mail: you@yourdomain.com
  2. Server: m.google.com
  3. Domain: yordomain.com
  4. User: you ( your user name that you use when logging into your google apps web service without the @ and everything after it )
  5. Password: password
  6. Description: anything you like
  7. SSL: ON

If the above settings don’t work, or for more details on the Google Sync/ iOS 4 iPhone update problems, check out the Google support thread.