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A tale of horror from the hiring desk

Who knows what terror lurks out there in the land of potential hires. Follow our CEO heroine as she learns valuable hiring lessons in this 2-part Halloween tale.

As we begin our dark and spooky tale, you the reader should know that there are at least three frightening acts of hiring danger in the story below. They are not for the faint of heart and you may have experienced these horrors personally. If so please alert your fellow hirers so all can learn to prepare from these tales of terror.

Lucinda Slate was just about to leave the office of her company, Slate and associates. She had spent a long day sorting through resumes trying to find the perfect new hire. It was frustrating. They needed a new office manager soon. With all their growth, things were getting disorganised. Another two weeks without a hire and the wheels would start to come off the bus, so she posted a simple ad that would attract people.

All of the resumes started to look the same. As if they had all used the same online template. There was no substance, no personality. Just the same business jargon trying to make useless tasks sound like important accomplishments. Finally she finished the stack and was ready to go home.

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