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A new toolkit for pandemic business travel

With international borders open and travel restrictions easing, a new toolkit aims to support Australian SMEs with business travel ahead.

A 10-part series by Corporate Traveller Australia provides expert guidance, tools, and tips for business travel in the COVID-19 pandemic era.

It addresses common concerns for small business owners faced with questions around the costs of travel, planning itineraries, health and safety regulations, and ever-changing travel rules.  

“Travel today can be an overwhelming experience,” said Tom Walley, Corporate Traveller’s Global Managing Director. “The world has changed, which for budget-conscious SMEs, has created a more confusing environment, especially for those who previously handled their own travel and simply don’t know where to start.

“Through our new SME Travel Toolkit, we’ve set out to share our deep industry knowledge to help small business owners decide how to plan and travel easily and safely.”

A new toolkit for pandemic business travel
Tom Walley, Corporate Traveller’s Global Managing Director. Source: supplied

The first chapters of the toolkit have launched in Australia this month. They discuss why and how to enlist a travel management company (TMC) and how to make business travel economical.

The following eight chapters will look at subjects like sustainability, travel tech, travel risk management, and how to score exclusive deals and other benefits. The chapters will be published monthly and can be accessed on the Corporate Traveller website.

This 10-part series aims to provide SMEs with educational assets to improve and inform business travel choices. It will also include real-life client issues through case studies, checklists, and other downloadable tools.

Mr Walley added, “With the SME Travel Toolkit series, we’re helping businesses identify the best route and resources needed to maximise their productivity and savings without cutting corners or compromising on safety as they propel their businesses forward in this changed world.”

In 2022, Corporate Traveller noted a positive trajectory for business travel, with such in-person interactions linked to customer retention, networking, and successful business development. Their complimentary resources follow over three decades of expertise in this industry.

The first two chapters can be viewed here.

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