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7 reasons to use Google Adwords

Some businesses have tried Adwords and not got results they were looking for. A lot of businesses use Google Adwords, but have never expanded their use beyond targeting specific keywords in search. However, Google work all the time to increase the value of using Adwords, and the tools available to advertisers.

1. Search Partners such as AOL, allow you to reach 70% of all internet users.

Google claim you can now reach nearly 70% of all internet users at ALL stages of the buying cycle with Adwords. With search partners, YouTube, mobile advertising and animations, you can reach a potential customer several times in a day with your advertising.

2. Promote video ads on YouTube

InStream video advertising allows businesses to put a 30 second video in the start of a video on YouTube. You can even now promote commercials you produce to people who have already seen similar videos. With some videos having millions of views across a few months, it is very easy to reach a wide audience with an engaging message.

3. You can use the A/B landing page tester

Using Google to track conversions is good practice for your ads, as Google can automatically only show ads on keywords that convert for you. In addition you can also set Google to direct readers to different landing pages, and the over time show the best performing landing page more frequently.

4. Device Targeting – iPhone, iPad, smartphone

With the increase in browsing from users on their phones, Google has begun targeting mobile users. Phone users can now click an ad and have their phone call advertisers instantly. Advertisers can also now target ads to specific handsets, from the large notepads to the smaller handheld devices.

5. Remarketing – reach people who have already visited your site

Remarketing allows advertisers to promote to people who’ve previously visited product pages on your website. All websites have to do is tag groups of pages with particular keywords, and then select which keywords match which ads. For example, you could add a “Mobile Phone” tag on all of the pages where you sell Mobile Phones. You can then create an AdWords campaign to show highly relevant messages to people who’ve visited these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network.

6. Hyperlocal advertising notifies mobile phone users when they are near a Google advertiser

Google Adwords now allows advertisers to how close they are to their business. Available on high-end mobile devices, this feature provides users with a blue pin that indicates to customers down-to-the-block-level detail about your business including your address, phone number, and your location on Google Maps for Mobile.

7. Ad extensions now display your location too

Google Places users can now have their place highlighted at the top of organic search if they advertise with Google Adwords. As Google Places frequently feature at the top of a search, advertisers can now not only be at the top of their category, but can also have their location highlighted with a blue pin.

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Robert Steers

Robert Steers

Robert Steers is the CEO of Creative Development, a marketing agency based in Sydney. Creative Development has worked with global brands such as United Colors of Benetton, Jeep and Johns Manville to build marketing campaigns all over the world. Creative Development regularly takes on marketing campaigns through the entire range of execution, from conception, to delivery, to monitoring, to follow-up. Within the last three years it's helped grow many businesses.

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