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7 employees you should promote now

What if the next Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page came to work at your company? Would you know what to do with them?

What if Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, or David Karp had worked at your company before they founded Facebook, Google, or Tumblr? How would they do? Would they flourish or languish?

Would your company recognize their unique strengths and put them on the fast track? Or would it try to assimilate them into the company culture, try to mold them into something they’re not, and stifle their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity?

There’s a reason Stanford University is an incubator for hundreds of high-tech success stories like Google, Yahoo, Cisco, and Sun. Why so many entrepreneurs and VCs came from Intel and Microsoft. Why IBM, P&G, and GE are on the resumes of hundreds of CEOs.

Those organizations know what to do with innovative up-and-comers. When they recognize talent, they encourage it. They feed it. They give it what it needs to thrive. And yes, they promote it.

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