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6 tips for the perfect start-up name

A killer company name isn’t just about finding something that sounds right. Here are six things to keep in mind.

What you call a new venture can very well turn out to be one of the most important decisions you will make in the early days of a company. The business name will dictate which Web domain you can register, your trademark, and how people identify what you do.

So while the R.E.M. approach might work on the rare occasion–the band reportedly opened a dictionary and picked the name at random–you’re better off giving the name due diligence. Here are six things to keep in mind.

1. Watch out for sound-alikes.

Tarek Pertew, the co-founder of Wakefield (which provides info about great places to work), says to avoid a name that has too many alternate spellings. For example, you might want to call your new start-up Phaser, but he says too many people will think it is Fazer or Faser. They will type that domain into a browser and find the wrong brand.

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