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5 ways to rekindle the passion for your business

If you see signs of burnout, you can take steps to reinvigorate your business – and yourself.

Four years into running Blue Orchid Design, her wedding and event planning company, Liene Stevens was getting sick of the very business she had built. She was working around the clock. When she took breaks, it was scheduled time with friends or family, never alone time. At night before bed, she would read business books. “This was the job I created for myself and loved, but I was finding the work was joyless,” she says. “If I burned out, the business was going to go with me.”

Stevens first hired someone to handle the sales side of her New York City-based business, a daily task that had been sapping much of her creative energy. She then began working with a business coach to help her refocus and eventually decided to transition from event planning to consulting for wedding industry clients – a shift that allowed her to do what she loved most. “I wanted to figure out a way to grow my business and be happy,” she says. If you’re starting to feel joyless at your job, as Stevens was, here are five ways to help you rekindle your passion:

1.  Schedule personal time to recharge. Stevens started taking time for herself – learning to cook, exercising regularly and reading fiction instead of business books before bedtime.

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