5 secrets to staffing an early stage start-up

Building the right team is crucial. Do you know who you want on yours?

Launching a great start-up is not easy. But one thing that can make it easier is a great team, writes Michael Fertik, CEO of Reputation.com, in The Harvard Business Review.

Here are some things to keep in mind when assembling yours:

Pick the right co-founder. “A good co-founder is vital, especially since co-founder issues are the reason many early start-up crash and burn,” Fertik says. Partner up with someone whose strengths complement yours. If you’re an expert in one field, make sure their expertise differs.

Find a chief technology officer who won’t break. To survive the “make it or break it” stage of launching a start-up, find someone who will work through the tough times. “Without this person, there is no product. You need someone whose intelligence exceeds your own and whose hunger to be the driving force behind bringing a product from concept to creation is overwhelming,” says Fertik.

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