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4 demotivators that will cost you

Keeping everyone on your team focused and motivated is not easy, especially if you fall into one or more of these common traps. 

If you feel that people are the most valuable asset at a business – and we certainly do – it’s important to keep everyone motivated and sailing towards the same port. Recently, we wrote about three things business leaders can do to motivate their team. Equally important is what you should avoid doing.

1. Don’t motivate solely on salary.

Salary might be why someone leaves your firm, but it won’t be why they stay. Paying a competitive salary is table stakes, but it’s an extrinsic motivator. To tap into people’s intrinsic motivation, focus on creating an environment that encourages everyone to take ownership, communicate the purpose behind the work, and maintain a positive environment that encourages the open exchange of ideas. Cash-based incentives can help to deliver results in the short term, but long-term success requires a higher form of motivation.

2. Don’t multitask when you’re meeting with people.

There’s no quicker way to undermine the importance of your employees than by actively engaging with your cell phone, laptop, or tablet during meetings. By not giving your full attention to the team, they will feel second rate and less motivated. Leaders must set the tone that everyone’s time is valuable and that people deserve full attention when discussing business issues.

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