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3 post-penguin SEO tips for cleaning up backlinks

Avoid search engine penalties by following these simple tips.

If Google’s Penguin update earlier this year proved anything, it was that search giant cares about the quality of the backlinks pointing at a website. Furthermore, it has the tools necessary to detect and penalize low-value links that have been created to manipulate page rankings.

So if you’ve seen a decline in your site’s performance since the Penguin update, or if you’d just like to protect your site from future problems, consider these techniques to remove bad links and avoid penalties:

1. Identify low value links within your backlink profile.
The search engines prefer to look at backlinks as “editorial votes” – that is, they believe an inbound link pointing at your website represents a vote of confidence from the referring site. In a perfect world, the site with the most links from the best websites would be ranked at the top of the search results.

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