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3 creative ways to step out of your comfort zone

Your business’s next big idea might come from an unexpected place. Here’s how to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable.

Old Spice recently released a video of Terry Crews making “muscle music,”  another instalment in the brilliant viral marketing campaign that has redefined the Old Spice brand. Such an absurd video would make many executives squirm, but Old Spice’s willingness to embrace it wholeheartedly led to six million views in the past week. People are sharing and seeking out their ads.

Bold choices that disrupt the status quo fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. Leaders that learn to embrace choices outside their comfort zones are able to push the envelope in ways that safe leaders can’t, helping them to stand out and succeed.

To take smart risks, you need to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. When you know how to handle discomfort, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate risky choices and less likely to resist innovation.

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