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18 Facebook changes you might have missed

The social network and its affiliates have been rolling out changes to Facebook ads and more. Are you up-to-date?

Facebook likes change. Some of its changes affect the entire platform, while others affect only personal profiles or brand pages. Still others affect advertising, analytics, or application developers. It can be tough to keep up-but if you’re trying to use Facebook as a marketing platform, you need to stay current.

Let me try to recap some important recent changes:

Large format: Facebook begins selling large-format “log out” ads. With a price point of $700,000 per day, these ads provide big brands with a major canvas on which they are the only piece of real content. They grab the user’s undivided attention, delivering an ad message more effectively. (February 29)

Self-service premium ads: Facebook debuts a self-service platform for advertisers to purchase its “new, upgraded premium ads,” as reported by ClickZ. (May 23)

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