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13 buzzwords to stop using

The first few times you say these phrases, you might sound “in the know.” But the road to pretentiousness – and silliness – is a short one.

Trendy terms and phrases can make you sound pretty smart… until they don’t. Once everyone starts to use them they turn into buzzwords.

Then they lose their initial meaning and impact. Then you just sound pretentious.

Or – which has definitely been true in my case – you sound silly. Here we go:

1. “At the intersection of…”

This one probably started as an elevator speech way to describe the relationship between two different things. But now we have “at the intersection of fantasy football and life” (if you’re dwelling on it maybe you should just get a life), “at the intersection of culture and mental health” (where you should always yield to an oncoming Honey Boo Boo), and “at the intersection of vision, graphics, learning, and sensing” (proving a two-way intersection is hardly sufficient for Microsoft.)

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