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12 tips for time management

Feel like you’re trying to keep too many plates spinning? You’re not alone. A business coach offers this advice.

Recently, in my work as a business coach, I was asked to give a presentation at a company offsite on the subject of “productivity and time management.”

In order to prepare for this, I polled a number of friends and colleagues – ordinary people whose work styles I admired – on their individual work habits. Nobody I spoke to felt like they had enough time. It’s as if we’ve all become the proverbial “plate spinners,” those talented jugglers rushing from plate to plate in order to keep each one spinning in the air. Based on my interviews, there were a number of themes that emerged from those who managed to successfully juggle their many labours. Here, in condensed form, I offer you these 12 time management “principles” in hopes that some of them may also be useful to you.

1. Spinach first. Your mom was right. Always tackle the most difficult task on your plate first thing in the morning when your energy and concentration level is at its highest.

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