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10 Dumb lies that lousy bosses tell

Telling the simple truth is far more productive than trying to fool your employees.

By its very nature, managing employees requires a certain amount of discretion. However, there’s a fine line between discretion and deception that, when crossed, creates resentment and job dissatisfaction.

This post contains 10 lies that I’ve heard bosses tell in real life, along with suggested true statements that do the job much better. Please note that some of these lies would be perfectly reasonable to tell if they were true.

1. “I’m paying you a competitive salary.”

Unless your employees are very stupid, the first thing they’ll do after you make this statement is hop on the web and research average salary levels and find out what people in their position generally get paid. If it’s less than they’re making, they’ll assume that either you’re lying or (best case) uninformed.


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