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Abbott rejects Super Profit Tax – risks business tax relief

Tony Abbott has rejected Kevin Rudd’s plans for a Super Profit Tax on miners after meeting with mining executives in Canberra today.

Super Resource Tax CoalWhile Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been meeting with mining representatives in Perth, Tony Abbott has held his own meetings with BHP Billiton executive Marius Kloppers and Rio Tinto Australia managing director David Peever in Canberra.

Tony Abbott rejected the Super Profits Tax, saying there was “no way” the Coalition could support the tax.

“I reiterate that I can see no good arguments for this great big new tax,” he said.

“It is a very, very bad tax. The only way to avoid it is to ensure there is a change of government at the next election.” Mr Abbott said.

Minister for Small Business Craig Emerson was disappointed by the Opposition leader’s threat to block the Resource Super Profits Tax legislation in the Senate, saying it placing tax cuts from the Henry Tax Review for 2.4 million businesses at risk.

“Today’s decision by Tony Abbott to continue to oppose for the sake of opposing is very disappointing and casts a shadow over our plans to allow small business owners to instantly write off assets valued at up to $5,000,” Dr Emerson said.

“It also puts in jeopardy our plan to cut the tax rate for small businesses which are companies.”

Dr Emerson said small business would be more than $1.5 billion worse off under an Abbot-led government as a result of the Opposition’s decision.

“Mr Abbott’s policy is to deny small businesses $1.5 billion in tax relief and to whack them with extra costs as larger businesses pass onto them his $10.8 billion Great Big New Tax to fund his paid parental leave scheme,” he said.

Greens Leader Bob Brown has supports the Resource Super Profits tax, and is urging Kevin Rudd to stay strong on the idea.

“The mining corporations have far too much say in the running of this country without being representative, they are a massive lobby on both parties in Canberra,” he said.

“They have the Coalition on a string, but this Labor Government, which stands up for average Australians, should stay strong on what is a proper idea.”

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