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How to Improve Response Rates from Radio

Radio advertising has a number of points in its favor. It is cheaper than TV ads. It will be listened to many people while they’re at work, doing housework and driving. These are all occasions when it is hard to reach them with advertising. Yet you could reach them repeatedly via ads that play during their favorite radio shows or music. However, even radio ads have a modest conversion rate. Here are a few tips on how to improve response rates from radio.

Use 1800 Numbers

A 1800 number has many advantages. You can pick a 1800 number that is free for customers to use. They’ll remember it better because they don’t have to remember the area code. The phone number will be the same if they hear the number in other areas, too, for the same reason. This repetition increases the odds someone will remember it and the odds they’ll call it, if they actually pay attention when the information is repeated.

Play that Catchy Music

You’ve probably heard bumper music play at the start and end of your favorite radio show. That’s one way they brand themselves, and it is an audio signal that the show is starting or ending. You can distinguish your commercials using the same principle. Play your jingle as part of your ad. You’ll get extra points if the jingle includes your tagline or phone number. That makes it more likely that people will remember your key pieces of information

Give Them a Reason to Visit or Call

Do you know what will capture people’s attention? Freebies, giveaways and coupons. Contests are another winner, so to speak. All of this attracts attention and increases the odds they’ll visit your website or come by your store. Whether you’re giving away free bagels to everyone, a free car to one lucky winner or vouchers for 50 percent off their next dinner if they eat today depends on you. Remember to post information about the freebies and contests on social media, too. This increases the odds the information comes up when potential customers do a search. Furthermore, freebies and contests are shared in communities dedicated to securing free or cheap goodies, so you’ll get incredible levels of social media buzz when you start the ball
rolling with radio ads about it.

Use the Right Format for Radio

Radio isn’t television or an online print ad. Your radio spots have to be right for radio. You have to have an audible hook, whether it is a funny short conversation, bumper music or attention-grabbing words like free. Describe the problem, and immediately present the solution, while making sure the product or service is repeatedly referenced in the ad. This won’t work for every product. After all, most radio ads are 60 seconds, and some are just 15 seconds. If your product or service can’t be explained in a 60 second elevator pitch, you can’t make a radio ad about it. If your phone number, company name or web domain address are so long that you can’t get it out fast enough and still be easily understood, you have a problem, too.

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