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Retail and the cloud – a match made in heaven?

Cloud-based solutions are being used by a growing number of retailers to support important business functions. While some concerns remain about data security and application uptime, there's significant movement within the industry toward cloud-based, on-demand solutions - and it's not hard to see why.

Why cloud computing is good news for retailers

Cloud computing isn't new. What's new is that improved broadband and new applications make it a real option for businesses to manage their IT needs without having to buy hardware and software that rapidly outdates.

Dear Aussie Retailers …

Nancy Georges blogs about the love/hate relationship she has with local retailers. "I want to feel important to you and fell that you listen to me and know what I want. I want to support my local retailers, I just don’t feel they support me!"


Australia facing its worst economic contraction in history

The ABS confirmed Australia’s first recession since 1990 after recording two consecutive quarters of economic decline. After being hammered by the pandemic, bushfires and drought,...

Let’s Talk: Investing to Succeed

Figuring out where to best invest your time and money is a difficult task. As businesses scale, leaders’ daily tasks become more and more...

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment offered to Victorian workers living in NSW or SA

People who live in New South Wales and South Australia but work in Victoria are now eligible for a $1,500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment...

Afterpay doubles revenue and partners with Worldpay to go global

Despite the global economic slow-down, the shift to online spending and move from traditional forms of credit have boosted Afterpay’s position domestically and internationally. Afterpay...