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Let’s Talk: Growth hacking strategies to skyrocket user base and revenue

In today’s cutthroat business world, exploding your user base and skyrocketing revenue is every entrepreneur’s dream. That’s where growth hacking comes in. 

These unconventional, yet highly effective, strategies can be your secret weapon for achieving massive growth in record time. This week’s Let’s Talk dives deep into the world of growth hacking. Our experts will unveil some of the most powerful techniques businesses and our clients have used in the past year to smash their growth goals. 

Get ready to discover hacks that will supercharge your user acquisition, engagement, and revenue – fast!

Let’s Talk

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Matt Loop, VP and Head of Asia at Rippling

Matt Loop
Matt Loop, VP and Head of Asia at Rippling

“Investment has always been the cornerstone of growth, whether in training, personnel or technology. But the rapid pace of change we are experiencing in 2024 underscores the importance of investing now to avoid being left behind.

“In today’s challenging economic climate where budgets are increasingly squeezed, it is imperative for business leaders to make prudent decisions. A surefire way to boost workforce effectiveness is by fostering productivity improvements. By automating repetitive administrative tasks like data input, scheduling, and generating reports, leaders can empower their teams to concentrate on more strategic and higher value tasks, thereby facilitating growth.

“Harnessing the power of data analytics is also paramount  for strategic decision-making. Adopting a unified system that efficiently gathers and disseminates data across various platforms is key to unlocking these insights. This capability empowers organisations to forecast challenges and adopt a strategy conducive for growth, positioning them not only to withstand competition, but to excel and flourish in the market.”

Nathan Schokker, Founder of MODC Digital Business Cards

Nathan Schokker
Nathan Schokker, Founder of MODC Digital Business Cards

“For anything in the B2B world, LinkedIn is now your best friend! Whether growth is sales, network, reach, LinkedIn can get you the growth you want through clarity of target and consistency. It won’t immediately feel like the greatest “hack” ever, yet it’ll continue to reward you time after time after time.

“Being the typical time poor, multi hat wearing startup founders (with no sales focused team members), our growth is self reliant, and with a consistent daily use and outreach through LinkedIn, has helped refine our targets and accelerated growth. It can only cost you a small amount of time, and if you’re smart, you can be constantly testing and tweaking messaging and delivery to amplify your growth. Strap in and let’s go!”

Jenny Li, Partner at Scalare Partners

Jenny Li
Jenny Li, Partner at Scalare Partners

“At Scalare Partners, one of our best growth hacks involved developing a strong idea of our target clients’ defining characteristics. Using this, we then sourced partnerships that catered to this specific client profile, and have been able to gain access to founders who fit our key characteristics of being eager to learn, collaborate, and receive mentorship.

“This has provided two key opportunities: participating in workshops and events through our partnerships, which gives us exposure to a targeted group of potential clients, and offering mentorship services such as tailored advice to multiple businesses simultaneously. This approach not only required minimal time and financial investment but also fostered warm, meaningful interactions that led to higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

“Networking enhanced this method’s scalability, as satisfied clients referred others within their community, ensuring sustained growth. This growth hack’s success highlighted the importance of understanding client profiles, forming strategic partnerships, and delivering exceptional services for long-term success.”

Nina Thomas, Founder & Director at Harmonic Advisory

Nina Thomas
Nina Thomas, Founder & Director at Harmonic Advisory

“Tailor your message to key market indicators and make it relevant to decision makers. This might be finding opportunities for growth in a period of market uncertainty; generating successful outcomes and momentum in key projects; or generating growth by finessing your go-to-market strategy.

“We’ve done this for our business and our clients, and it’s resulted in our best year ever, while our clients across the board have experienced phenomenal growth and market engagement.

“The key is not to try and do this on your own. It’s just too hard and too slow. You need to engage good advisors who can help you see through the noise and where your current strategy is holding you back.

“For our business, it was to recognise saying we were a communications advisory business was holding us back. Once we started to showcase the growth and commercial outcomes we achieved for clients, everything changed. This is because these are top priorities for business leaders and they generate revenue. And that’s critical at the moment.”

Pamela Jabbour, CEO & Founder at Total Image Group

Pamela Jabbour
Pamela Jabbour, CEO & Founder at Total Image Group

“The best growth hack I’ve experienced in the past year wasn’t a conventional marketing strategy or a digital campaign. Instead, it was an opportunity that emerged from stepping out of my comfort zone and seizing a chance to present Total Image Group (TIG) to a room full of influential figures from some of Australia’s top companies across various sectors.

“It all started when I joined Apropela, an organisation dedicated to empowering ambitious women entrepreneurs by facilitating connections within influential business networks. Little did I know that this decision would lead to a pivotal moment for TIG’s growth.

“I was invited to speak on behalf of TIG, delivering a 7-minute elevator pitch to a crowd of seasoned entrepreneurs. The prospect was nerve-wracking, to say the least. However, after months of prep, a few sleepless nights and battling my nerves, I took the stage.

“To my surprise, the pitch was incredibly well-received, and the impact was immediate. The engagement from the audience translated into a flood of leads for TIG. It was a profound realization that sometimes the most effective growth strategies stem from direct, human connection.

“This experience taught me a crucial lesson: the power of networking and referrals. Connections matter!  When recommended by a trusted source, your chances of success automatically increase and you have a higher close rate compared to cold leads.

“So, my advice to fellow business owners is straightforward: prioritise building networks and connections. It’s not just about what you know, but more importantly, who you know. Actively seeking out and nurturing relationships within your industry is undoubtedly a powerful strategy for growth.”

Amber Daines, Founder and Chief Communicator at Bespoke Co.

Amber Daines
Amber Daines, Founder and Chief Communicator at Bespoke Co.

“The first step to growth hacking is to understand and identify the strategy, direction, and goal of your learning program – mine was SMEs, thought leaders and solopreneurs who wanted to start a business podcast in 4 weeks. Online course creation is cost effective channel to quickly grow your audience and client base at scale. Taking your service based business like a PR agency in my case to now be able to sell courses “in my sleep” while capturing a membership base that is a local and global audience has allowed me to grow 300% sales revenue wise. Over a few weeks, once filmed and set up, this course is my #1 evergreen product that is path or funnel to my other services. This means no longer trading time for hourly rates in reaching more relevant clients really changed my business over the past 15 months.”

Benjamin Neville, Managing Director at Saligna Management Group

Benjamin Neville
Benjamin Neville, Managing Director at Saligna Management Group

“One of the best growth hacks we’ve tried in the last 12 months is creating a clear, compelling vision that aligns teams with a shared purpose. This vision acts as a guidepost, helping teams focus on common goals while building a collaborative culture where new ideas can flourish.

“A well-thought-out brand strategy is the second cornerstone of this growth hack. By refining your brand messaging to resonate deeply with your audience, you create a consistent identity that attracts trust and loyalty.

“Word-of-mouth is another essential element. When you deliver exceptional customer experiences, your clients naturally become your advocates, sharing your story with their networks. This organic approach can significantly expand your reach.

“Finally, campaigns backed by testimonials, reviews, and stories are incredibly effective. They offer authentic insights that resonate with potential clients on a personal level, building trust and sparking interest.

“Combining these four strategies allows businesses to craft a growth plan that not only attracts new clients but also strengthens the loyalty of existing ones, driving sustainable success.”

Peter Curran, Co-Founder & Director of Digital Surfer

Peter Curran
Peter Curran, Co-Founder & Director of Digital Surfer

“Utilising data has and always will be our greatest growth hack. Initial data to give you direction is great, but it’s that performance data that is so underutilised in actually levelling up the business’s results, even outside of their marketing. For example, we have a vet client who we were able to produce a 3,400% increase in calls for their new business, which gave them the revenue to open a second location within 2 years of their first. We were also able to give them data on where it would be best to build that second location, which enabled us to help them be booked out before they even opened the doors. Without data from their digital marketing, that couldn’t have happened.”

Anjani Amriit, Conscious Leadership & Women’s Workplace Empowerment Expert

Anjani Amriit
Anjani Amriit, Conscious Leadership & Women’s Workplace Empowerment Expert

“Up to 95% of our actions are driven by subconscious beliefs. When it comes to business growth, the power of ‘inner mechanics’ is the unknown missing link. Without addressing the inner workings of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, we’re essentially operating on autopilot, often to our own detriment. Self-sabotage, procrastination, and the pursuit of perfection are internal traits that act like silent killers of our productivity and growth.

“Serena struggled to make her law firm profitable until addressing her inner mechanics. By rewiring her subconscious, limiting thoughts and beliefs and better managing her emotions, she not only transformed her legal business from debt ridden to profitable in under three months, but she also successfully launched a second social impact business.

“To leverage your mindset and emotional resilience for business growth, consider these three tips:

Self-awareness: Take time to understand your thoughts, emotions, and habitual patterns. Awareness is the first step to change.

Mindset reframing: Challenge limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. Your mindset shapes your reality.

Emotional regulation: Relate with, to regulate, your emotions effectively, especially in high-pressure situations to make clear, rational decisions.

“By mastering our inner mechanics, we can unlock unparalleled sustainable growth and success in business.”

Sally Branson, Managing Director at The SBC Group

Sally Branson
Sally Branson, Managing Director at The SBC Group

“The very best growth hack for my clients in the past year, especially when things have felt difficult or as though they’re stuck, has been to really work deeper on their stakeholder mapping and get clear on their circles of influence and interest.

“Stakeholder mapping involves systematically identifying and understanding the influence and impact of key players. It is less of a ‘hacky’ tool and more old-school long-term relationship-building. It just takes a small, consistent effort every working week, and the benefits are exponential.

“Not only does really understanding your circle of interest and influence grow your professional networks, client targets, and opportunities, but it also clarifies areas for growth. Knowing your stakeholder mapping crystallises where and how you can access support, networking, cheerleaders, and champions.

“We’ve had clients in significant difficult times who have been able to mitiage and grow through a crisis because of the strength and currency in their stakeholder understanding.”

Shreya Pandey, Senior Content Writer at Jobma

Shreya Pandey
Shreya Pandey, Senior Content Writer at Jobma

“Let’s agree that co-marketing campaigns are great. I wanted something fresh that reconnects with our existing user base and reignites their obsession with our product.

“We identified a group of dormant users – folks who hadn’t interacted with our app in a while. Instead of blasting generic emails, we personalized them. We highlighted features they hadn’t tried yet, showcased user-generated content that aligned with their interests, and even offered a small, time-sensitive discount. This helped in significant rise in app engagement, reviving dormant users.

“Influencer marketing is a well-known strategy, but try micro-influencers. These smaller players often have highly engaged communities. We partnered with a few micro-influencers who aligned with our brand values. They created authentic content showcasing our product, reaching a targeted audience hungry for genuine recommendations. This significantly boosted our brand awareness and user acquisition in niche communities.

“Lastly, content marketing is king but sometimes a refresh is all it takes. We analyzed our top- performing content and identified sections that resonated most with users. We then repurposed those sections into bite-sized snippets for social media. This increased social engagement and surged website traffic. These are just a few examples, but they highlight the power of thinking outside the box.”

Mark Tran, SEO Account Manager at Megantic

Mark Tran
Mark Tran, SEO Account Manager at Megantic

“The internet is full of repetitive content, often worsened by digital marketers who over-optimise meta titles, descriptions, headings, and page content for search engines. This leads to verbose content that’s found across almost all of the top 10 blue links for many Google search queries.

“In recent times, we’ve noticed that Google has been giving more visibility to Reddit, a forum where people share firsthand experiences, both positive and negative, to educate others on various topics or problems they face in specific niches. This is often more helpful than many blogs written by general writers who lack firsthand research, expertise, or experience on the topic.

“I’ve been working with my team to guide our e-commerce clients on focusing on their top products—those in high demand where they have a competitive advantage. The goal is to tap into their sales teams, who directly interact with customer orders and inquiries, to understand customers’ concerns and questions. Then, they create concise, easy-to-read Q&A content for those product pages that helps both customers and salespeople. These pages can then be shared with sales teams and used to respond to customer inquiries effectively.”

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