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3 reasons to buy mum a socially conscious gift this mother’s day

Mother’s Day is coming up and we all know the drill – time to come up with a good gift idea for Mum! But how many candles and spa vouchers can one person really receive? And while flowers are always beautiful, wouldn’t it be nice for mum to receive something a bit different? How about a gift that is also socially conscious? There are some great socially conscious gift alternatives that you can buy for Mum and there’s plenty of reasons why. The Good Box Co-founder Gali Blacher gives 3 top reasons you should buy mum a socially conscious gift.

It’s unique

While I am sure that mum would appreciate any sort of gift you got her, how wonderful would it be if you surprised her with something new and different! A socially conscious gift adds something unique to a present and adds an element of surprise to the gift and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a surprise?

It’s doing good

Environmentally friendly gifts or a charitable gift are both socially conscious and ‘doing good’. Giving mum the gift of giving really is the gift that never ends. Not only are you surprising mum with a gift but you’re also doing something good and helping someone/ the environment in the process. Imagine letting mum know that her special gift is helping a homeless mum or a child in danger? Socially conscious gifts can show Mum you really care about not only her but also the wider community.

It’s cost effective

Most socially conscious gifts don’t actually cost too much. So instead of paying $100 for something mum may only use once, you can buy mum a gift for half the price and do good at the same time. Environmentally friendly takeaway cups, toilet paper, body wash, bags and other goodies are all usually less than $50. You can also buy mum a Good Box (made especially for those experiencing homelessness) to give directly to someone in need or donate in her name- for just $19.99. Not much money has to be spent to make a huge difference in not only your mums life but also someone who is struggling.

Now, where can you find these socially conscious gifts?

If you are looking for some great ideas for socially conscious gifts for mum, check out your local markets or just search the term on Professor Google- there’s some fantastic things that pop up. Another pretty cool socially conscious and charitable gift for mum can be A Good Box. Good Boxes are made in consultation with the homeless community in order for you to give directly to someone experiencing homelessness or donate through a charity. You can buy one for mum to give directly to a woman in need on mother’s day or donate one in mum’s name. She’ll receive a certificate of purchase and be able to write a personal note to someone experiencing homelessness. Check out www.thegoodbox.com.au to purchase a box for mum & for a full list of the type of the boxes offered and what’s in each box. Good luck with your purchasing and a happy mother’s day to mum!


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