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Credit: Mike Cho

How automated expense management solutions can improve compliance

Maintaining compliance is necessary for any business to help mitigate risks, including security breaches and data losses, and avoid time-consuming legal action that’s expensive and can result in reputational damage. 

However, compliance doesn’t need to be overwhelming or negative, nor should it be considered a burden. In fact, compliance presents business leaders with opportunities for growth, profitability, and success.

Businesses of all sizes have the power to improve compliance and maximise opportunities that once seemed out of reach. By prioritising compliance, business leaders can create a foundation of strength and stability that propels the business forward, paving the way for long-term success while also safeguarding the well-being of their employees, customers, and stakeholders.

There are four key ways that businesses can improve compliance to maximise opportunities: 

Control spend

Every spending decision carries the potential for both opportunity and risk. By leveraging automated solutions that integrate expense and invoice management, businesses can effectively and efficiently manage each spending moment. Automating expense reports and invoice approvals streamlines processes, puts smart safeguards in place, and ensures strict adherence to policies.

At the same time, intelligent controls prevent bad spending before it happens while automatically handling tax and regulatory requirements. Plus, it provides real-time visibility into spending, giving business leaders the confidence to make better decisions, protect budgets, and seize new opportunities without spreading cash too thin. 

Drive sustainable growth

Growth involves change, whether it’s expanding into new markets, adding new products or solutions, onboarding new staff, or even acquiring new locations or entire companies. This ripple effect extends to expense and spending management, which is why businesses of all sizes need access to an integrated solution that gives them the necessary tools to face each moment of change with confidence. 

For example, by replacing manual, time-consuming workflows, emails, and confusing spreadsheets with a single, digital process for expense reports and invoices, businesses can: 

  • look at new vendors and invoices as an opportunity to better build the business
  • attract new skilled employees by eliminating menial tasks, improving accuracy, and empowering workers to undertake more valuable activities
  • achieve clear visibility into costs for more informed budgeting and accurate forecasting, empowering business leaders to direct budgets where they need them most.

Unlock the power of data 

The value of good quality data to inform the decision-making process should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to maintaining compliance. In fact, every spending decision should be driven by accurate data, using reliable information to guide choices and capture accurate transaction information. Automated expense management solutions empower businesses to enhance the accuracy of these critical moments by capturing more transaction data.

With a unified digital process for managing the spend, businesses of all sizes can gain access to comprehensive data from several sources, such as corporate cards, purchasing cards, cash charges on expense reports, and even supplier invoices. This extensive and accurate data becomes instrumental in making informed decisions and maintaining compliance with internal policies, regulatory requirements, and legal standards. 

Increase efficiency and optimise performance 

A skilled and efficient workforce is essential for business success; attracting and retaining qualified employees is increasingly difficult. And, when businesses do successfully retain staff, their experience matters as it fosters loyalty and enhances productivity. An automated expense management solution can minimise spending moments that frustrate employees by replacing manual-based processes with user-friendly apps that guide employees through expense reporting and invoice management processes.

By streamlining these tasks, businesses can reimburse their employees faster, enhancing their work life and boosting their overall productivity. At the same time, accounting and finance teams won’t have to wrestle with paper or chase employees for receipts or invoices, letting them focus on higher-value tasks. 

Harness the power of automation to drive growth 

Automating expense management not only saves time, money, and stress for businesses of all sizes; it also plays a pivotal role in achieving compliance and unlocking a range of opportunities. By automating repetitive and manual tasks, businesses can redirect their resources and focus on more strategic activities.

This enhances productivity and also lets employees engage in higher-value tasks that drive growth and profitability. With automated processes in place, businesses of all sizes can ensure adherence to policies, streamline workflows, and capture accurate data, empowering leaders to make more informed decisions and maintain compliance with ease.

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Fabian Calle

Fabian Calle

Fabian Calle is the managing director for small and medium business (SMB) at SAP Concur, Australia and New Zealand. With his extensive experience working with SMBs in the computer software industry, Fabian understands the business challenges that SMBs face and how leveraging technologies can streamline business processes.

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