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Gen Z: The ‘difficult’ generation businesses need to hire

Generation Z is expected to represent 2 billion people worldwide and 27 percent of the workforce by 2025. Yet, Gen Z have been dubbed the ‘most difficult generation to work with’, according to HR sources. 

As digital natives, Gen Zers use social media to acquire jobs, communicate and express themselves online. So, how can businesses tailor their hiring strategies to appeal to the next generation of workers? 

With the use of social media for recruitment now commonplace for businesses, hiring in today’s landscape requires an understanding of the emerging generation’s values, preferences and aspirations. 

So how can your business attract the next wave of talent? Here are some tips that will help.

Five ways to attract the best Gen Z talent

Use the right recruitment strategies

Gen Z grew up in the era of smartphones, instant messaging and the internet. As a result, this generation of employees embraces tech and actively seeks employers who operate in a digitally savvy manner. To get the most from your recruitment process with Gen Zers, use digital tools in your recruitment strategy. For example, instead of asking a potential candidate if they know how to use AI, set them a task using this tech. Request they record a quick video introduction, to get to know the candidate, their motivations for the role and their effort level in applying.

Company culture matters

Gen Z values inclusivity, diversity, and a positive workplace culture. This generation wants more than just a paycheck, they look for workplaces where they’ll be valued and align with their ethics. Transparency, authenticity, and strong business values will make you stand out to Gen Z candidates when recruiting. Ensure your recruitment language is inclusive, and your company culture is authentically represented across digital channels. However, your approach should be genuine, not a last minute attempt to attract younger employees. 

Offer flexibility or hybrid work

The traditional 9-to-5 work model doesn’t appeal to Gen Z, who’ve endured the pandemic and changing landscape of work. Employees in this generation value flexibility and work-life balance and embrace remote work, changeable schedules, and project-based roles. Hybrid work models, combining collaboration and individual work time, are particularly attractive to this generation. And whilst some workplaces have reinstated mandatory full-time work from the office, such policies will quickly deter quality Gen Z talent.

Showcase your business values and CSR

Gen Z cares deeply about social justice, environmental issues and corporate responsibility, having grown up in a time marked by changing climate conditions, increased financial pressures and demands for governments and corporations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s candidates want employers who share their values, so highlighting your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability practices across your digital channels will help your customers and potential candidates understand your brand values.

Encourage an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit

There are more entrepreneurs in the Gen Z era than ever before, with 62 percent stating they want to start their own business, compared to 44 percent of millennials and 38 percent of Gen Xers. This generation has the tools for innovation and change, with digital literacy, increased awareness and heightened values. Therefore, employers need to foster a culture of innovation and professional growth, as a glass ceiling will cause high turnover. Businesses that provide training, mentorship, and clear advancement pathways will attract and retain ambitious Gen Z talent.

Hiring Gen Zers requires a blend of traditional practices and innovative strategies tailored to this generation’s preferences. Employers must be ready to understand their unique perspectives and appreciate that the interview process is two-way, whereby your business values, flexibility and overall approach are also assessed. By fostering a workplace that resonates with Gen Z values, you will attract the best talent of the next generation. 

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Chris Dahl

Chris Dahl

Chris Dahl is the Director of Sales & Growth at Pin Payments and has a wealth of experience across both web, business and software development. As the previous co-founder of software company, Nitro Inc. a document productivity company that developed the first alternative to Adobe Acrobat, Chris has grown and led businesses to success. Chris now heads-up the sales, marketing and customer success functions at Pin Payments to assist the expansion and integration of its services into global markets.

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