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Credit: Vitaly Taranov

Elevate profits through sales and customer team collaboration

Delivering a seamless customer experience is no longer a bonus but essential for any organisation looking to attract and retain customers and boost profits.

In fact, customers are 94% more likely to repurchase a product or service when they have experienced quality customer support. 

Keeping customers engaged and satisfied at every touchpoint, from the first customer interaction to after-service support, is key to making customers feel valued at every turn. With customer expectations constantly changing and increasing, businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse at all times in order to remain relevant and competitive. 

Knowing what your customers want is the cornerstone of a stellar customer experience. Businesses can leverage their existing data and knowledge base to gain better insights of customers needs, uncover pain points, and personalise products and services that truly resonate. This is where sales and customer support (CS) teams can work together. The synergy between both teams will enable businesses to map out the entire customer journey and proactively fix any gaps, creating a more holistic experience for customers. 

Why collaboration matters

The fragmented approach towards sales and CS often stems from the misconception that they are independent entities, solving different issues. However, this disconnect overlooks the pivotal role these functions play in shaping the end-to-end customer journey. As businesses grapple with disconnected data, inconsistent communication, and disjointed customer touchpoints, the cost of such fragmentation becomes increasingly apparent.

The sales team serves as the centralised repository of customer data, encompassing a wealth of information about customer interactions, preferences, and purchase history, while on the other hand, the CS team are front-line representatives who interact directly with customers, address their concerns and resolve any issues that arise, will have a clear view of the feedback and concerns customers have on certain on products and offerings. 

By working together, the sales team can provide the CS team with invaluable information on the changing customer preferences and trends, which can help them to offer products or solutions that are tailored to current needs. On the other hand, the CS team can share the information they collect with the sales team which will be beneficial in informing the sales strategy and ensuring that customers’ feedback is actionable and taken into consideration. 

Collaboration between the sales and CS teams can enable businesses to form a 360-degree view of the life of the customer relationship and help facilitate the seamless flow of data and insights across departments. This is key in providing businesses with more reliable and accurate data on their customers to offer more personalised and tailored products and services catered to customers’ needs. 

Integrating sales and CS to increase profitability 

In particular, AI-assisted tools can enable customer support agents to become more productive, engaged and supported. For example, “agent assist” technology can monitor conversations in real-time and provide suggestions and the next best action to human agents when they’re in a conversation with a customer. Agent assist technology is also able to detect emotion levels in a conversation and proactively alert a supervisor if your agent or the customer is in distress. This can only be possible if sales and CS teams join hands to combine their expertise. Doing so will enable them to respond to more complex queries more quickly, while customers get the level of support they need faster. 

The partnership between sales and CS teams not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers businesses to proactively address customer pain points and anticipate future needs. In the long run, this will enable businesses to strengthen customer relationships and foster long-term customer loyalty and advocacy.

Elevating customer experience starts from within 

Customer preferences and expectations are constantly changing, and the collaboration between sales and CS teams has become a business essential to foster long-lasting and strong customer relationships and ultimately drive business growth.

As businesses seek to provide more personalised and tailored products and services to cater to the needs of customers, aligning on priorities and ensuring that sales and customer support teams work hand in hand to understand their customers through data will be key to achieving customer satisfaction.

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Ben Pluznyk

Ben Pluznyk

Ben Pluznyk is the Director & Country Manager in Australia & New Zealand at Freshworks. he has over 17 years sales experience across Software, Cloud, Database and the Telecommunications industry.

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