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South Australian company starts energy evangelism program

South Australian company WinFocus is launching an energy evangelism program to explain the environmental benefits of its Magnetite window insulation system to business.

WinFocusSince 2000, WinFocus Australia, which operates from a factory and showroom at Holden Hill in South Australia, has sold the Magnetite window and door insulation system, which both reduces noise and saves energy in buildings.

After a boom in business during the past two years due to increased demand for safe and energy efficient insulation in homes, the family-owned business has launched its “Energy Evangelism” initiative to explain how businesses can benefit from the affordable and flexible Magnetite system.

Designed by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1981, Magnetite is a retro-fitted secondary glazing system that secures optical-grade acrylic panels to the inside of a window frame using magnetic seals. This removable panel creates an insulating pocket of air in the window.

WinFocus founder and managing director Janusz Bejnarowicz said the Energy Evangelism program involved talking to business and community groups that were interested in reducing their environmental impact.

“This month we are addressing a conference of 150 energy auditors and we will also speak to one of the metropolitan city councils,” he said.

“Once people start talking about their problems, that’s good for our business. We saw this in 2007, when about 80 percent of our inquiries were for noise reduction. Because of the public concern created by the Government and public discussions about energy efficiency, we saw a doubling of energy-efficiency inquiries from just 20 percent to 40 percent in that year – a level that has stayed consistent since.”

WinFocus, which is the South Australian franchisee of the Magnetite system, employs eight people in the sale, manufacture and installation of the window insulation system. Since it started business, WinFocus has installed Magnetite panels in more than 1500 homes and businesses throughout Adelaide.