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The entrepreneur bringing flexibility back to the job market

Thinking big comes easy to Gen George. The 22-year-old noticed a gap in the employment market for odd jobs and shift work while travelling and promptly set up a business to fill it when she got home. 

Her creation is an innovative spin on existing job boards like SEEK. OneShift only launched in June but already has 37,000 members and has expanded across all industries.

The focus is on filling roles that pop up last minute or perhaps have unusual working hours. Employers have their needs fulfilled and jobseekers finally have the flexibility to work the hours they choose.

Read on to learn how Gen turned a lightbulb moment into a thriving business.

What led you to start OneShift?

I noticed a gap in the market for a growing number of people looking for employment on their terms. Flexible enough to still have control of their life. Businesses need an option to be dynamic and to have access to good staff with the skills they are looking for and not at agency prices.

What kind of growth is the business enjoying?

The business is booming. We started on june 13th with the idea of 18-24 year olds in Sydney only in the hospitality industry, but have rocketed across all industries, states and even demographics. Our youngest memeber is 14 and 9 months up to our eldest who is 72.

Our network is rich with experience, knowledge and youthful spirit. In our 37,000 members we have everything from first time job seekers to your accountant looking for an extra shift on the weekend to help out a small business with their BAS statement.  To date we have achieved over 53,000 matches and this number grows every day as OneShift is a 24/7 market place with live features like instant chat, video interviewing and video resumes which allows for a great experience.

What’s the most challenging thing about introducing a new concept to the recruitment industry? How are you working to overcome this?

The great thing about OneShift is we are not telling people they shouldn’t keep their full-time or part-time job, we are just allowing more choice in the market for an already highly demanded niche from businesses and job seekers.

OneShift is not just for students and back packers. We are allowing mothers and fathers to take on some shifts around their children’s schedules, skilled workers on annual service, maternity and long service leave to keep themselves engaged during their time off or even a family the opportunity to make some extra money for Christmas presents this year. OneShift really has no boundaries.

You’ve started a growing business and you’re only 22. Do you see youth as a help or hindrance to an entrepreneur? Why?

I don’t believe entrepreneurship is age-sensitive. The concept of OneShift was brought about by personal experiences I had and this all came to fruition through a lot of hard work, smart planning and getting advice from the right people. The success to date demonstrates that the idea of the business and the way I built is the key. So I guess it’s the tenacious qualities in business more than age that I see as more important.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Get to know your customer in every way possible.

Are there any entrepreneurs you look up to? Who are they and why?

John Symonds from Aussie Home Loans as he revolutionised the banking industry and Brett Blundy from Diva with his dynamic ability to keep up with his customers with something new in the retail industry.

What recruitment tips would you offer small businesses who don’t have the budget to outsource this function? 

– Don’t over invest into one source of recruitment before trialling it several times.

– Look at all your options

– Save yourself time and money by putting strict instructions for applying for this position.

– The internet is the way of the future, so if you want new employees who are actually going to add value to your business, look online as the poster in the window isn’t going to give you access to what your really looking for.

What advice would you offer to other young entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Think BIG and always have a plan.

What’s next for OneShift?

To own the short term employment space here in Australia and then go global. This is going to be just a natural extension of OneShift as our network and app just follow you where ever you go.

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