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The 4 Cs of the entrepreneurial personality

Entrepreneurs are fascinating people. Not satisfied with the current state of the world, they challenge themselves to improve it, one innovation at a time.

Now, there are many people who would like to make the world a better place, whatever that may mean to them, but not everyone has what it takes to actually make it happen. There is something about the entrepreneur that sets them apart from the rest of the population.

So, what’s different? What are the personality traits that allow them to succeed where others would fail?

There are four traits, all beginning with C, that every entrepreneur shares. They must, otherwise they would fail to make it in the cut-throat world of innovation into which they constantly throw themselves.

The four Cs of the entrepreneurial personality are:


Confidence is key. And we’re not just talking run-of-the-mill ‘I feel good about myself’ confidence. Entrepreneurs have somehow tapped into a confidence that is all-pervading.

Entrepreneurs are so confident, that they know, without a shadow of doubt, they have what it takes to succeed.

When you add this uber-confidence to a dogged determination to win, you will find people who are willing to throw themselves, and everything they own, into their ideas.


Most people have a certain sentimentality in regard to the things they have gained in their lives, and the wealth they have amassed. Not so with the entrepreneur.

By having a willingness to put everything they own, and everything they are, on the line, entrepreneurs show a courage and grim determination to succeed that is rare.

Rarer still, but something that the most successful entrepreneurs possess in excess, is an understanding of the risk of failure. Even more than this, there is a willingness to make mistakes, and to embrace failure, as you can only learn what will work, when you know what won’t.


Learning is one of the major cornerstones to any entrepreneur’s ethos. They are always looking for a different angle, or an alternative to the established norm.

Through constant self motivation and drive, entrepreneurs learn all about the path they choose to take, about the product they want to make or supersede, about the logistics, the physics, the mindset of users.

The most successful entrepreneur is the one who understands that she doesn’t know it all, and is willing to be open-minded to new ideologies and solutions to problems.


Not all entrepreneurs can paint, or sing, or write poetry, but they are certainly all very creative people. The whole point of entrepreneurship and innovation is finding new ways to do something. In essence, entrepreneurs need to create the way forward, with every iteration of their work.

Creativity, especially in business, can sometimes be seen as a bad thing, as it implies that the inherent business structures in place are somehow faulty. While many business people are happy to continue to run businesses, often very successfully, the way they have always been run, this is not the way of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs live to challenge what has been done before, to find new and interesting ways to achieve new and interesting results to the same old problems.

While it’s true that not everyone currently possesses the four Cs of the entrepreneurial personality, that doesn’t mean we can’t. Simply by being aware that these traits are so important is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

About the author

Mel_Penn2Melissa Penn is the National Franchise General Manager at First Class Capital, a finance solutions provider for small to medium businesses. Taking great pride in helping others succeed, Melissa is motivated to share her extensive knowledge on all aspects of business, management, and personal growth.

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