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Realmark founder discovers bigger not always best

John Percudani’s decision to separate his real estate business from a typical franchise structure marked the beginning of a more independent and flexible business.

Realmark JohnPercudani, along with his wife Anita, established Realmark in 1989, focusing on building the Perth-based business as part of a franchise group. Plans changed, however, in 2007 when Percudani decided to sever his association with the franchise and step out on his own.

He asserts that the decision was made for him after noticing a change in what consumers were seeking from the real estate industry.

“There was a time when bigger was best, when consumers craved the security and choice that only big brands could deliver.”

“But the tide has changed dramatically. Research shows that at the turn of the century, the size of a business was a big concern for consumers, where as today, it rates very low on the care factor. I saw this change in consumer behaviour with my own two eyes and it really cemented my decision to take Realmark out of an international franchise organisation with a “one-size-fits-all’ approach and become independent. I could tell my customers were ready for it,” Mr Percudani added.

The business was transformed into a more open, independent and specialised business, with one-on-one client communication and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market. As a result, Realmark is more able to offer more opportunities and deliver better, personalised results to its customers, according to Mr Percudani.

“We deal in a business that is about significant financial decisions, selling property, buying property, leasing property, and our consumers want to be fully engaged with someone they trust during these transactions, if they feel like ‘just another number’ they get disillusioned very quickly.”

“I am by no means saying that the ‘big brand’ is dead but what people used to fear in dealing with SMEs is now what makes us so strong,” added Mr Percudani.

The business now employs more than 140 people across seven offices and a commercial division.

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