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Kogan, the Australian consumer electronics designer, manufacturer and direct to consumer retailer launched into the UK market overnight.

Ruslan Kogan BRWKogan initially will only sell a subset of what’s available through Kogan Australia into the UK, with LED TVs and GPS units the company’s first foray into the market through www.kogan.co.uk.

Ruslan Kogan said it was the most exciting development in the company since he started Kogan in his parent’s garage nearly five years ago.

“Kogan’s expansion to the UK shows what is possible with some innovation, drive and commitment.

“I’m in London now doing to the UK what Sir Richard Branson does to Australia every few months: dropping in and turning an industry on its head. Brits are currently paying too much for their TVs, it’s that simple.

“We announced a few months ago that we would expand to the UK and the team in Melbourne has been working feverishly to make this happen.

Last month Kogan appointed David Shafer to manage the consumer electronics company’s push into the UK market.

“The UK is not an easy market to enter, but we’ve ticked all the boxes and we’re confident that UK’s smart consumers will respond well to Kogan.

“The best news for Australians is that within weeks Kogan will become a multi-million pound business, meaning increased buying power and ultimately better prices for all our customers.

“On top of this, while we will engage other businesses in region-specific auxiliary roles such as warehousing and logistics, all Kogan jobs will remain in Australia, with the team rapidly expanding to service our now global operations.

“It’s very exciting to be able to show the world what Australian businesses are capable of doing. Australian markets are often dominated by international companies, and it’s rare that an Australian business is so successful it can take on the world,” Kogan said.

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