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Freelancer Fast 50 ranks 50 fastest growing freelance jobs

Freelancer.com has announced their findings on the fastest growing online outsourcing jobs in the third quarter of 2010 with the release of the Freelancer Fast 50.

Freelancer Fast 50The Freelancer.com Fast 50 charts the top 50 rising job categories in the online labour market quarter by quarter.

“We’re getting close to two million users worldwide, more than any other outsourcing platform on the Internet. This gives us unique, global and precise insight into the world of online work,” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of Freelancer.com.

“What we continue to see is that whatever the popular platform or programming language of moment is, online freelancers are instantly able to address the needs of the business community,” stated Barrie.

“While you see a rise in a lot of the tech related categories, really any job you can possibly think of can now be outsourced online. For the first time in history, small businesses have all the tools that the big guys do. The playing field has been levelled”, Barrie continued.

Top three trends of the Freelancer Fast 50

Upwardly Mobile: Overall the Mobile Phone category skyrocketed over the past three months, growing a whopping 145%. However, when you look at the numbers, what is most interesting is the meteoric rise in Android development. Android jobs are up 24% over the past quarter and perhaps even more telling is that iPhone App Development is not even reflected in the top 50, and is actually down 4%. The most notable downward trending mobile platform is Nokia, whose job category has nosedived, down 60%.

Be Like Zuck: Whether it was the popularity of The Social Network or the stagnant job market, an exciting trend seems to be that a surprising number of people are starting their own companies. An incredible number of trending categories relate to entrepreneurial start-ups. Graphic Design jobs like logo design are up 145%, Internet Marketing is up 64%, Business Plans are up 48% and PHP, still the dominant programming language for web development and a good indicator of how many new websites are being built, is up 34%. Perhaps the most revealing is that the Shopping Carts category is up 26%, with the massive boom in online retail in 2010 reflected in the online job market.

Res-urrect My Career: If the unemployed aren’t trying to create their own work with a start-up, they are using online freelancers to improve their resumes. The Resume category is up a massive 123 percent. The increasingly competitive job market means that job hunters are looking for any advantage, including professional resume help from online freelancers.

Freelancer Fast 50

  1. Mobile Phone 145%
  2. Graphic Design 143%
  3. Resumes 123%
  4. Windows Server 110%
  5. Google SketchUp 107%
  6. Website Design 104%
  7. HTML 5 72%
  8. Internet Marketing 64%
  9. Speech Writing 61%
  10. eNewsletters 49%
  11. Business Plans 48%
  12. Script Install 47%
  13. Blog Install 46%
  14. Excel 45%
  15. Google Earth 43%
  16. Cocoa 35%
  17. PHP 34%
  18. Objective C 31%
  19. jQuery / Prototype 30%
  20. Blog Design 27%
  21. Shopping Carts 26%
  22. Contracts 26%
  23. Javascript 25%
  24. Android 24%
  25. Banner Design 23%
  26. SEO 22%
  27. Event Planning 21%
  28. Audio Services 20%
  29. Video Services 20%
  30. PCB Layout 19%
  31. PSD to HTML 18%
  32. Data Processing 17%
  33. Patents 17%
  34. Human Resources 15%
  35. Photoshop 14%
  36. Data Entry 13%
  37. Microcontroller 12%
  38. AJAX 11%
  39. Logo Design 10%
  40. Structural Engineering 10%
  41. C Programming 9%
  42. Proofreading 8%
  43. Voice Talent 7%
  44. Visual Basic 7%
  45. MySQL 5%
  46. Project Management 4%
  47. iPad 2%
  48. Marketing 2%
  49. CakePHP 2%
  50. Flash 2%

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