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Entrepreneur unveils new look business group for Australia

Paul Lawton, a UK businessman, is bringing his organisation, ipnconnect to Australia to give entrepreneurs a new community to develop their businesses both online and at physical networking events.

ipnconnect offers a variety of different ways for its closely vetted members to connect, including bi‐monthly exhibitions, monthly dinners and weekly gatherings, as well as a protected and secure online members’ platform with a new procurement facility, which helps members to actually get new and profitable business.

Paul Lawton is currently in Australia with UKTI presenting his model to businesses, universities and government departments in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Paul Lawton said business owners have become disillusioned with ‘traditional’ networking events.

“ipnconnect is a new approach to a crucial aspect of the business world and I am expecting this model to take off in Australia. It’s been a rollercoaster ride getting to the stage we are at today. We have a groundswell of interest in the UK and we are now very close to closing membership for phase one of our growth.”

He predicts that by the end of 2012, 27,500 businesses will be members of ipnconnect across the UK and exactly 106,250 will complete the platform within five years globally. The exclusive nature means that 1 percent of businesses across the sectors are able to join.

ipnconnect, whose members in the UK include law firms, banking groups, media agencies, property and wealth management firms, aims to cap his initial membership at 250 organisations. After this it will reopen for another intake. There will be eventually 110 groups in total in the UK. There are also universities and not‐for‐profit organisations in each of the groups.

For more information about ipnconnect go to http://ipnconnect.com/

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