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Business expert, Chrissy Crust, launches new consulting services

Business expert and entrepreneur Chrissy Crust recently launched her business, Chrissy Crust Consulting, to help small, micro and solo businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Crust has worked closely with businesses for over 30 years, and over that time, she developed a keen interest and passion for smaller sized businesses.

After noticing how little guidance was being offered to micro and solo businesses, Crust decided to design specialised services for the smaller end of the market.

“I’ve worked with a number of businesses over the years. I wanted to bring my experience in food, hospitality and retail, to the smaller end of the market because I feel that’s very neglected,” said Crust.

Services offered by Chrissy Crust Consulting are tailored to help businesses with hard tasks such as business planning and managing cash flow.

“Some of the business coaching packages I offer are to help people write business plans. A lot of business owners, often to their detriment, either don’t have the time to write a business plan, or are too scared to write one. But the basis for any good business is a framework,” said Crust.

She explained that business owners often fall short of reaching their goals because they’re not implementing cost-effective marketing strategies and are struggling to manage their finances.

“A lot of people don’t like numbers, but they’re critical to success and they tell the true story of your business” said Crust.

“Often you’re working in your business, and not enough time working on your business. This is where I can help.”

As a start-up business owner herself, Crust is all too aware of the stresses involved in the initial stages of building a business, and can connect with business owners on a more personal level.

“There are a lot of things you need to juggle as a small business owner until you’re able to outsource or delegate and take on staff. I’m going through the same stages as other start-ups. So with my clients, I’m not only coaching them, but I’m also on a journey with them,” said Crust.

Crust’s advice to other business owners is “Believe in yourself, as cliched as that sounds.”

She explained, “I have a wonderful support network of more established and senior businesswomen and I’ve said to them at times, ‘how am I going to face all the things I have to do today?'”

“They say, ‘we still feel that way sometimes’. So to me, it’s something that we need to keep reminding ourselves all the time – that we are quite capable doing it. We just need to stay focused on the end goal and continue heading in that direction. If you’re off path, redirect yourself and keep walking forward.”

Chrissy Crust Consulting is currently hosting workshops every month.

The next one, ‘Pricing for a Profit’ is this Wednesday 29th May. ‘Wholesaling for Small Business” is on Wednesday 19th June.

For more information on services offered, email Chrissy Crust at chrissycrust@chrissycrustconsulting.com.au.

Her office is located on 13 Cook Street, North Ryde, NSW 2113.

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