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If you have an entrepreneurial spark, with a focused passion and unwavering determination to start up your own business, you’re off to a good start. While the experience of setting up your first business can teach you invaluable lessons, many of those costly start-up mistakes can be avoided by investing in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship.

The AIB MBA in Entrepreneurship is an excellent qualification for any aspiring entrepreneur. Through work-applied learning, the knowledge acquired from your degree can be implemented directly back into your business with very positive results, in both the short- and long-term.

You’ll develop your business skills extensively and gain the essential knowledge to take your business to the next level and become a market leader. Tailored specifically for innovative business thinkers, you’ll cover specialised topics such as:

Business Creation
The AIB MBA in Entrepreneurship covers this topic in depth. You’ll learn how to take your idea and transform it into a viable business. You will also develop the essential the skills required to create a profitable business, including identifying market opportunities through SWOT analysis, sourcing capital, minimising risk and how to write comprehensive a business plan.

Entrepreneurial Instinct
Some people believe that entrepreneurial instinct cannot be taught, but you can bolster your innate abilities and develop your instinctive thoughts.

You’ll learn the fundamental elements to developing your entrepreneurial instinct and gain a solid understanding of how to take a new product from conceptual design, to product development and then on to an official brand launch. You’ll also learn how to identify the challenges associated with each phase in a business lifecycle and how to apply what you’ve learnt to real-life scenarios.

Expansion tactics
This topic will teach you how to develop and implement several business ideas, and launch your career from a small business owner to multi-national magnate. Through in-depth theoretical and practical experience you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on how to manage multiple offices, expand business locations and the fundamentals of franchising a business. Often these areas can be difficult to navigate, but you’ll learn how to easily identify and manage the associated risks. You’ll also explore potential opportunities in international markets for global expansion of your brand.

Discover how Ted Cofie, Founder & CEO of Nyaco Management, took his business from good to great with an AIB MBA in Entrepreneurship:

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