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Thinking of starting a podcast? Here are the need-to-knows

Thinking of starting a podcast? While it has never been easier to launch one – here’s the secret to making it thrive.

People tell me all the time that they’d like their own podcast. When I ask why, people will often say they get together with their mates and that their chat is so good they feel it would make a great podcast. Maybe you ARE that interesting but sadly the truth is making an unstructured podcast will require a whole lot of luck and give you a whole lot of headaches.

After two successful podcasts now being produced by PodcastOne including ‘Superwomen We Ain’t with Janine Allis and Margie Hartley’ and ‘Fast Track: Career Conversations with Margie Hartley’ here are the key things I’ve learnt and my top five tips for successful podcasting.

1. Know why you are doing it

Always know what the point of doing it is. For example, Fast Track is about having a ‘coach in your pocket’ and addresses career challenges with experts. We are super clear of the intent and the audience. Superwomen We Aint is about telling the truth about business and running or founding one in a tell-all, no BS approach.

If you are clear with your WHY and clear with yourself that it will be useful to others, then this is the first step.

2. Know what you want to say

You must research your topic and your competition. Find out what else is out there on this topic and what the key points are that you want to make. Next, it’s time to reassess to see if what you want to say is still relevant or if you’re in a flooded market. You might be interesting to your friends but will everyone be interested in your opinion? Test the market with an impartial focus group to get some feedback on your topic. This leads me to planning…

The best podcasts seem relaxed and intimate to the listener but actually they are carefully constructed and conscious of the listener. I recommend you spend time thinking about your audience A LOT.

3. Know what value you are giving your audience

According to designer, filmmaker and now modern philosopher, Tom Ford, time and silence are the greatest luxuries of our current world. I agree. So, why would someone give you their time in place of a precious silent moment? You have to think about this.

4. Get it professionally produced

Go professional if you want a wider audience. I know you think it sounds okay when you have used your new computer software and it might, but the truth is you must have the very best in sound quality because if you don’t it’s distracting and makes the very experience hard to listen to – which is completely counter intuitive to podcasting. The PodcastOne team are superbly professional, great to deal with and this is their jam. They have years of experience making, producing and creating the very best audio. I choose them.

5. Have fun

Lastly but by no means least, it might be a labour of love rather than a money making exercise. Very few people get rich from podcasting. So enjoy yourself. Your audience will know you are passionate and happy.

About Margie Hartley

Margie is one of Australia’s leading executive coaches and founder of Gram Consulting Group, an independent coaching and facilitation community. Having worked with 11 of the top 20 ASX listed companies, Margie’s strong track record with enabling results has seen her and her team transform individuals through facilitation and executive coaching. Her podcast Fast Track: Career Conversations with Margie Hartley features weekly career insights from some of Australia’s top CEOs and business leaders on how to, literally, fast track your career.

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