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Tech Tuesday: The top 10 project management tools for your business needs

Every organisation needs a management department since, among other things, the success of any business frequently depends on the people who work there and how they are treated. 

However, selecting the best instrument can be difficult and time-consuming because it necessitates much preparation and analysis. This has an impact on both the employees and the project management. You should make a thorough plan, evaluate the organisation’s needs, and analyse your options before making a choice. 

In this week’s edition of Tech Tuesday, we have assembled a selection of project management tools you can use for your business needs.

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Asana Is a Project Management tool that can connect teams and processes to get things efficiently done in business. The free plan, it’s very generous in comparison to other project management tools with how much you can utilise the features. It allows you to set up channels with different teams to work on projects or business areas. 

It allows for unlimited tasks/sub-tasks with due dates, project templates and assigning to team members. It connects very easily with other apps, including G-drive, Microsoft, Slack, and so many more, including Zapier, for when you’re ready to automate in business. Can you imagine how much more you can do on the paid plan?

It’s great for small business owners because it caters to beginners through to someone that’s experienced in Asana. There is a lot you can utilise in the platform, which makes it significant because it makes it a competitor in the project management software arena.

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Bentley ProjectWise is an all-in-one project management solution that ensures cloud-based control of project data, design reviews, contractual documents and insights. It offers best-in-class design application integration that brings teams and information together in a single solution, allowing organisations to seamlessly and efficiently drive engineering deliverables.

With software as a service (SaaS) collaboration capabilities, teams can optimise collaboration efforts to streamline projects and deliver quality designs faster, on budget and according to specifications. This solution gives users a streamlined approach to finding information with secure access to real-time project documents in a centralised, cloud-based repository. 

Teams can further maximise productivity on the platform by accelerating design reviews and providing real-time feedback directly against designs. ProjectWise also enables better process contractual exchanges by automating and managing the exchange and review of deliverables. 

By integrating ProjectWise, organisations can experience the reach, affordability, and accessibility of digital design collaboration, empowering teams to deliver their best results.

More here.


As the world races towards a fully tech-driven society, businesses must be agile in the face of change, adopting new technologies into their day-to-day business structure. Project and task management are key aspects of this innovation, providing the leadership, motivation, and roadblock-removers that help teams introduce new products and services, grow revenue, and meet company goals.

monday.com recognised the need for streamlined project management methods and frameworks, creating an open work operating system (OS) where organisations can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work.

Using monday.com work OS, companies can easily manage complex workflows, processes, and tasks at scale. Customisable templates and boards allow you to track, collaborate and visualise tasks in sync with fellow team members and stakeholders. Bringing your everyday tools together in one place facilitates better coordination, communication, and improved tracking across all aspects of the business.

More here.

Zebra Technologies: Reflexis solutions

Zebra Technologies’ Reflexis solutions can empower employees at the edge of your businesses. Reflexis solutions can help retail project managers improve execution in every store and distribution centre by optimising labour and the store associates’ experience – transforming the collective team’s performance into a superior customer experience.

For instance, the Reflexis ONE real-time work platform enhances the manageability of tasks by simplifying operations across locations, elevating line-of-sight for field management, and optimising schedules for significant time savings and precise execution. Reflexis offers two key solutions, Workforce Scheduler and Real-Time Task Manager. 

The Workforce Scheduler eliminates inefficiencies in labour budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling. At the same time, the Real-Time Task Manager enables front-line teams to focus on task execution in real time, eliminating confusion by automatically prioritising activities.

As the retail industry evolves, project managers juggle different challenges, varying from labour shortages to breaking silos. Reflexis is a powerful tool which can help bridge the gap between a team’s objectives and how to execute them – on time and budget.

More here


ProofHub is a project management and collaboration software that brings people together to discuss plans, make to-do lists, create Gantt charts, and calendar milestones, measure progress/time, fulfil daily deadlines, and celebrate achievement. This tool is well-integrated, competitively priced, and has scalable functionality.

More here.


HiBob is transforming the way organisations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform, Bob. As the only HR tech company in the world that specifically caters to mid-sized companies, Bob delivers remarkable work experiences by offering resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game-changing, user-friendly tool.

While growing and evolving an organisation is not a straightforward process, Bob helps to ensure that the focus remains on the people rather than being bogged down in admin and systems. By automating approvals and reporting processes through one central hub, Bob makes it easy for HR teams to track work cycles and attendance reports and manage employee hours while ensuring timeliness and accuracy. 

As businesses face the ongoing skills shortage challenge, HiBob recently launched a Workforce Planning module that helps companies optimise for efficiency by avoiding under or overstaffing and hiring employees with appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience levels. A workforce planning strategy can give companies access to a single source of truth on their current workforce with key information, including hiring execution, growth, internal mobility, and backfill. By using people analytics, companies can effectively respond to emerging economic or technological trends to build realistic business plans and manage employee workloads.

Learn more here.  

Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR management software that assists businesses in managing and organising personnel data. It was created with small and medium businesses in mind, but it may also serve enterprise businesses. The platform has a number of capabilities that allow you to track leaves, manage timesheets, develop custom forms, manage performance assessments, and more.

More here.


HubSpot is a CRM application that combines the strength of your marketing, sales, support, and project management, teams. HubSpot’s free Marketing Hub includes Projects and a centralised location for all your tasks, data, and conversations. You can manage all of your projects within the Marketing Hub and receive real-time feedback, notifications, and results.

More here.


Smartsheet is a portable project management software that assists teams in team collaboration, time tracking, reporting, resource management, and job planning. The cloud-based programme has several incredible features that place it among the greatest project management solutions.

More here.


Hive’s project management and collaboration software centralise a team’s demands. The system allows you to track project status, display a Kanban-style status view, generate Gantt charts for project progress, and give everything a project team requires on a single page.

More here.

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