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The tools driving flexible work environments

A highly mobile workforce and their drive towards ad hoc, instant collaboration in addition to scheduled meetings has led to new ways of collaborating within and across organisations.

In addition, more employees are looking for a work-life balance in their workplace, highlighting the need for businesses to offer flexible work environments.

A report by recruitment specialists, Hudson, revealed 70 per cent of Australian job seekers consider a work-life balance to be more important than their wages, a development that has contributed to the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own App (BYOA) trends in the workplace.

Companies like LogMeIn are supporting growth in flexible working environments by providing businesses, individuals and IT professionals with intuitive, scalable solutions. join.me, LogMeIn’s online meeting app, has been enabling the flexible work sector, offering a light-weight, simple and secure meeting tool that stands in stark contrast to traditional web conferencing solutions.

“While most web conferencing tools were designed to replicate the formal, boardroom style meetings, join.me takes an instant, intuitive approach to uniquely address the needs of today’s mobile workforce,” Craig Daniel, LogMeIn’s Vice President of Products for join.me, tells Dynamic Business.

“Having been born in the era of smartphones and tablets, join.me has been designed with a mobile-first, multi-device perspective, making it simple to use wherever you are, on virtually any work or personal device.”

Collaboration solutions such as join.me enable businesses of all sizes, from the micro business looking to connect with a graphic design studio or the large multinational looking to close a major deal with an overseas corporation, to collaborate in the most efficient manner.

join.me, once provisioned, allows all employees to start a meeting with 10, 20, or even 250 people – with numbers in over 40 countries – with the simple touch of a button from the desktop app or the website. IT support can take a break too, since there is no need to download and install software on the viewer side.

“In Australia, businesses using join.me have noted that it’s an easy to deploy and easy to use meeting app that provides crystal-clear screen resolution and simple scheduling capabilities,” Mr Daniel says.

“Not only this, the software’s ability to enable business scalability, reduce travel time and expenses for employees, as well as increase customer interaction, have been highlighted as clear business benefits.”

Flexible work drivers are often not embraced due to the difficulties believed to come with training and the difficulties associated with location changes. With most actions within join.me one click away and with no set up and cumbersome downloads taking up valuable time, it’s no wonder the service is being used by 90 per cent of the Fortune 500.

“join.me is focused on speed and ease-of-use, making it not only a better meeting tool, but also the first real option for ad hoc collaboration for today’s mobile worker,” Mr Daniel explains.

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