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This week in small business news, unions were “deeply concerned” about Flight Centre allegations, small company tax cuts could get fast tracked and we had a chat with the no-sugar queen.

Unions ‘deeply concerned’ about Flight Centre claims

Unions say they’re “deeply concerned” about claims of the underpayment and bullying of staff at travel giant Flight Centre. The Australian Services Union on Thursday said they had raised the issues previously with the Fair Work Ombudsman but more evidence had been brought to light in an investigation by the ABC.

Small company tax cuts may be fast-tracked

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has dismissed reports the government presented legislation cutting big banks out of corporate tax cuts to win her support for the package.

The founder transforming the no-sugar category 

Noshu literally means ‘no sugar’ and it’s the perfect name for Rachel Bajada’s line of sugar free cake mixtures, donuts and muffins.

Dynamic Business had a chat with Bajada to find out more about her buzzing startup.

“You will always make mistakes and that’s nothing to worry about, as long as you can always walk away with a lesson. Don’t go cheap on getting good legals done or investing in good branding,” she said.

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