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Tech Tuesday: The top 19 AI tools for your business needs

With the appropriate AI application, you may quit performing tedious and time-consuming business chores, such as email marketing and analytics, and instead focus on the critical aspects of growing your business.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies have created a slew of new prospects for businesses of all kinds all around the world. AI is lighting insights and altering numerous business processes. Various AI solutions on the market can help you cut operating costs, increase employee and company productivity, and increase stakeholder satisfaction. 

In this week’s edition of Tech Tuesday, we have assembled a selection of AI tools you can use for your business needs.

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Infor Coleman 

Infor Coleman leverages AI technology to deliver key value towards enterprise goals. With the ability to instantly source data, automate repetitive processes, and optimise workflows, Coleman free’s up employee talent to focus on high-value activities—creating tangible opportunities to achieve greater efficiencies with significant clarity and speed. Whether exploring a user experience powered by voice, considering increased smart automation, or discovering predictive insights in enterprise data, Coleman enables simplified operations.

Named after the physicist and mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson, whose extraordinary work helped NASA land on the moon, Coleman represents the next generation of intuitive enterprise applications. Chat, voice, and image recognition allow for a conversational user experience that is accessible across a range of interactions beyond Infor applications, ensuring the product continues to learn, ask smarter questions and make better recommendations over time and further use by our customers.
Coleman A.I. is available within the Infor CloudSuiteTM apps. 

Learn more here

LYRO Robotics 

LYRO pairs world-leading AI technology with robotic hardware to enable robots to pack fresh fruits and vegetables, including avocados, sweet potatoes, stone fruits, zucchini, and chilli peppers. LYRO’s intelligent robots are helping to solve the world’s acute farm labour shortage and food waste problems.

LYRO has just completed their first commercial robot deployment at Sunnyspot Packhouse and Sunnyspot Farms in Ravensbourne, Queensland.

More here.

Robotic Marketer

Robotic Marketer was founded in 2016 to disrupt how marketing strategies are developed, helping marketing departments work faster, smarter and more intuitively. By automating the development of marketing strategies and providing management tools, Robotic Marketer has capitalised on using data to make informed decisions on marketing budgets, resources, and direction. Robotic Marketer produces a highly focused marketing strategy in approximately 38 minutes using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. The company works with channel partnership programs,including SAP, Oracle and Mitel, and is available on Atlassian and Zift marketplaces with early traction in the SMB market.

The sophisticated tool provides companies with access to powerful marketing strategy tools regardless of size or stage of business and is recognised globally as an intelligent productivity tool that helps businesses drive better performance out of their marketing.

More here.

Outreach AI by Clevertar

Are you delivering job placement services? Employing post-placement support staff to monitor and support job seekers you’ve placed in work? You’ll want to see the newest AI-driven technology for delivering post-placement support by AI experts Clevertar.

Outreach AI is all about supercharging post-placement support. AI-driven technology has been specifically designed for companies operating under the Workforce Australia contract and delivering job placement services.

The chatbot asks questions designed to surface any issues or problems the employee might be having in their new role. This prevents issues from escalating and becoming bigger problems. The main benefit is that it enables job placement providers to manage and monitor large numbers of clients more effectively and efficiently. The system can identify at-risk job seekers and flag them for follow-up, meaning that consultants can provide targeted support to those who need it most.

More here.

ipSCAPE’s Cloud Customer Communication Platform

ipSCAPE’s cloud customer communication platform takes leading-edge AI technology and optimises it for Sales teams, Customer Service and the Contact Centre. For high-performing Sales teams, the ipSCAPE Dialler leverages AI to optimise performance by increasing contact rates and talk time. 

Customer Service teams can leverage AI Virtual Agents that enable personalised customer service at scale. To monitor performance and ensure compliance, ipSCAPE offers Advanced Speech Analytics that utilises AI to analyse customer sentiments across voice interactions.  

Advanced Speech Analytics is ideal for organisations within the Financial Services industry as this solution supports compliance objectives with RG271 to be achieved.

More here

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein gives businesses AI capabilities that are easy to use, even for those who have never used AI. From organising customer enquiries and making smart predictions to delivering faster and more personalised experiences, it enables businesses to use and interpret data to drive more meaningful impact. It also makes it possible to get more done quickly without learning complex software and coding skills.

Salesforce Einstein’s capabilities extend across visual analytics with Tableau Business Science, powered by Salesforce’s Einstein Discovery engine, lowering the barrier to analytics for everyday business users. For example, human resources can assess a candidate’s likelihood of accepting an offer, and many other teams can use it for budgeting or resource allocation activity.

More here.


As engagement with retailers becomes increasingly digital in nature, a reliable customer data platform (CDP) can provide significant value. Used to consolidate and integrate customer and market data into a single data source, a CDP offers sales and marketing teams invaluable insights needed to run more profitable campaigns. SAS has helped many customers create a comprehensive CDP which can grab information from online and offline sources such as websites, mobile apps and email platforms to give an organisation a complete view of their customers. 

This is then used to determine and then initiate the most appropriate next step in the customer’s journey. Whether this takes on the guise of an optimised outbound campaign, cross-channel analysis and multichannel sales or an alert to a customer service operator – the goal remains to enable seamless customer data activation and a more personalised, effective customer experience.

More here.


HireVue exists to remove the friction from the hiring process. Its on-demand and live video interview platform work for clients with real-time, AI-powered evaluation tools, interview guides, automated candidate routing, and shareable recordings. HireVue enables businesses of all sizes to leave complicated scheduling, interview guide creation and downloading apps behind. It also gives candidates a better, more flexible experience, with the ability to interview anytime, anywhere, and engage them using conversational AI via SMS and Whatsapp. 

More here


Iris AI, SnapLogic’s latest innovation, uses artificial intelligence to automate highly repetitive, low-level development tasks, eliminating the data and application integration backlog that stifles most technology initiatives. The result is an industry-first technology that applies machine learning to enterprise integration – dramatically changing the economics of cloud, analytics and digital transformation initiatives. 

Iris AI uses advanced algorithms to learn from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flow via the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. It then applies that learning to improve the speed and quality of integrations across data, applications and business processes.

More here.


Freshchat, Freshworks’ conversational engagement platform, makes customer engagement easy by leveraging AI to create more meaningful conversations.

Customer experience is simplified with AI chatbots powered by over 30,000 Machine Learning (ML) models and trained on diverse big-data and advanced Natural Language Processing  (NLP) models. Bots are able to understand customer enquiries and provide step-by-step troubleshooting processes effectively, can detect language, and for more complex issues, transfer conversations seamlessly to human agents to provide further support. 

With constantly evolving AI capabilities, chatbots are able to learn from past tickets to suggest ticket fields for new tickets automatically. Categorising, prioritising, and routing incoming tickets is no longer tedious, as conversations are automatically triaged to the relevant agent groups. By optimising support, businesses can significantly reduce their Average Handle Time while improving customer satisfaction with instant resolutions. 

Learn more here.

Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle NetSuite)

NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an all-in-one cloud business management solution. It leverages built-in AI technology to help businesses operate more effectively and automate core processes.  This means businesses can alleviate human error and empower people to be more strategic in their roles while providing critical real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.

Automating repetitive or time-consuming processes can provide an immediate time-saving benefit. This can include accounts payable (AP) automation, which converts supplier invoices into a standard digital format and is then pushed through a digital workflow, eliminating manual processes. This helps free up finance teams to focus on higher-value tasks and decision-making.

NetSuite’s ERP system can provide the insights business leaders need to make the right decisions in a rapidly evolving environment. This can be applied across business functions – sales teams can more accurately forecast demand, operations teams can identify potential supply chain problems, and finance teams can enhance cash flow predictions.

More here.


Trellix’s Extended Detection Response (XDR) ecosystem is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) helping it to break down business siloes, providing adaptive, real-time protection to monitor, detect and respond to any advanced threats. Machine learning algorithms are proven beneficial as they constantly learn from threats detected and adapt from them. XDR becomes a strong level of defence for businesses as AI-driven mechanisms power the ecosystem to actively learn, evolve and improve autonomously.

More here.


Dataiku is the platform for everyday AI, with a visual, low, or no-code environment that enables a broad range of people to take on AI projects. With Dataiku, analytics teams can label images, build AI models using the latest techniques, and deploy AI applications to help make better decisions, streamline processes and improve customer experiences.

More here.


It can take hours to transcribe and edit audio or video content to create quality written content that helps you promote and grow your brand.

reNotes, designed by podcasters for podcasters, make this easy and fast!

Our advanced AI platform turns audio and video files into well-written show notes, summaries, and social and blog posts in minutes, saving you hours every week.

Plus, reNotes makes it simple to turn your back catalogue of audio/video content into new articles and social posts to engage and grow your audience.

Try reNotes for free here.

reKnow Summarizer

If you’re looking for a way to repurpose your written, web, and audio content for other channels quickly and easily, reKnow Summarizer is the perfect tool for you.

With reKnow Summarizer’s AI-writing platform, you can summarise almost any written document, webpage, or audio/video file. 

Or transform them into FAQs, articles, social posts and even podcast scripts in seconds. You can even rewrite technical and scientific documents into plain language in seconds. Whether you want to create more content from your back catalogue or reduce your reading load by summarising reports and articles, reKnow Summarizer is the perfect tool for you.

OVHcloud AI Training


OVHcloud AI Training solution is built on open-source Kubernetes, simplifying and accelerating AI model training in the cloud while reducing costs, enabling data governance, and improving compliance.

OVHcloud AI Training allows users to easily train the Machine Learning models and avoid time-consuming and complex computing resource management. It relies on OVHcloud’s public cloud infrastructure, which has the best price-to-performance ratio on the market. AI Training enables data practitioners to launch deep learning training with GPU/CPU as a service in a one-click environment, a pay-as-you-go model for maximum flexibility and power.  

The platform offers accelerated time to target, simplified user experience, reduced total cost of ownership and open-source innovation. AI Training simplifies day-to-day work by eliminating complex engineering tasks, allowing users to focus on core business without orchestrating computing resources. 

More here.

RPA (Kofax)

RPA is a great tool for automating tasks in structured environments. Unfortunately, studies show that most of the data today’s enterprises encounter is unstructured, from emails, social media posts, product reviews, chatbots, and similar formats. Artificial intelligence can bridge this gap, providing the link between raw data and actionable information. 

AI-powered intelligent document processing and RPA are both core elements of Kofax’s intelligent automation platform, enabling you to build powerful automated workflows. Low-code/no-code development lets business users and citizen developers design, build and run RPA easily. 

By automating data management, you’ll gain insight into your workplace’s existing processes, allowing you to speed up workflow and improve ROI. Detecting real-time problems, RPA in workflows ensures an efficient workplace, improved information security, and better customer service. 

High volumes of complex data flow through your business every minute of the day; automating its management can deliver true digital transformation, allowing your team to focus on more important and impactful tasks.

More here.


 TeamViewer is a leading global technology company that helps companies of all sizes and industries digitalise business-critical processes through seamless connectivity. TeamViewer proactively enables digital transformation and continuously innovates in the fields of global megatrends such as augmented reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

For example, TeamViewer recently launched AiStudio to support daily tasks with intelligent technology in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, automotive, and food and beverage.   

Rising consumer demand for handling everything online and quickly has led to rising operational costs and a shortage of skilled workers. AiStudio is empowering frontline workers by digitalising and optimising manual processes. The technology enables enhanced workplace safety, hassle-free compliance with laws, regulations, and policies, seamless quality assurance, and improved productivity.   

Find out more.

Cyber AI Loop (Darktrace)

Darktrace delivers the cyber industry’s first ‘Cyber AI Loop’, a continuous end-to-end security capability that can autonomously prevent, detect, and respond to novel, in-progress threats in real-time. Darktrace’s latest product in this area, PREVENT, uses AI to ‘think like an attacker,’ finding pathways to an organisation’s most critical assets from inside and outside. By closing the loop with an end-to-end security solution, businesses can prevent, detect, respond, and heal from cyber-attacks – all at once. 

  • Provides a high-level overview of the evolution of your attack surface and associated risks. 
  • Darktrace/PREVENT communicates findings to Darktrace/DETECT + RESPOND to harden protections around critical chokepoints.
  • Proactively prevents cyber-attacks before they occur. 
  • Identifies and prioritises high-value targets and pathways to secure vital internal systems and assets.

More here.

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