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Tech Tuesday: Project management tools

Effective project management is crucial to achieving business success, irrespective of the organisation’s size.  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can significantly benefit from utilising project management tools to streamline project planning, organisation, and execution. 

These tools enable SMEs to remain focused, attain project objectives, and facilitate seamless team collaboration, progress tracking, and communication. With several project management tools in the market, each offering unique features and pricing structures, SMEs can select the most suitable tool based on their budget, project complexity, and team size. 

To aid SMEs in making informed decisions, we have compiled a list of popular project management tools, outlining their features and pricing.

monday work management

Built on top of monday.com Work OS, monday work management helps teams manage all projects and tasks from a single, centralised location.  The solution means teams can see project progress at a glance, stay on top of schedules and deadlines, and collaborate more effectively. Its comprehensive set of customisable features including views, dashboards, workflows, automations, integrations and add-ons, means teams can track, collaborate and visualise tasks seamlessly.

With monday.com work management, team members and stakeholders are aligned during every project touchpoint, helping businesses build their own workflows, streamline processes across departments, reduce repetitive tasks and free up valuable time for more impactful work. 

Oracle Aconex

Oracle Aconex is a construction management solution that promotes collaboration and minimizes risk by connecting teams across the entire project lifecycle, capturing a complete record. Boasting a highly flexible process management engine, teams of all sizes can use Aconex to manage their end-to-end processes and maintain an inalterable audit trail.

Built to efficiently manage construction processes and workstreams across the project lifecycle with a complete project delivery solution, Aconex connects teams via a unique data ownership model that maximizes adoption, collaboration, and data sharing across the entire project. That way, no matter what headwinds a project or client may face, Aconex helps teams trust that their data is complete, accurate, and accessible from a single source of truth in a common data environment.


Fergus is a leading job management software specifically tailored for trades and service businesses. It is a cloud-based platform that enables end-to-end operations management for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to make managing trade jobs easier. Its core features include real-time workflow and staff communication, as well as tools for quoting, scheduling, workforce tracking, and resource planning.   

Fergus has been designed to make tradies lives better and empower SMB trade business owners to streamline workflows and project management. It has revolutionised trade businesses worldwide with over 20,000 tradespeople across eight countries using Fergus. Tradies have the opportunity for a 14-day free Fergus trial. Following this, the options are: the Essentials level (best for small teams and independents) for $40 per user/per month; and Pro level (best for teams larger than five) for $55 per user/per month. 


PlanRadar is a digital task management, communication and reporting SaaS platform for construction and real estate projects worldwide. From design to build to operation, PlanRadar seamlessly connects the office and project site with custom forms, site management, task management, site diaries, team communication, audits + inspections, handovers and instant real-time reporting. PlanRadar offers a free 30-day trial for all new users, with Basic plans starting from as little as $42 a month. Plus, it’s easy to use – get up and running in 10 minutes.

Bentley ProjectWise

Bentley ProjectWise is an all-in-one project management solution that guarantees cloud-based management of project data, design reviews, contractual documents, and analytics. It boasts first-class integration with design applications that unites teams and information in a single solution, making it easy for businesses to streamline engineering deliverables efficiently.

With its software as a service (SaaS) collaboration features, teams can improve collaboration efforts to expedite project completion, deliver quality designs faster, within budget, and to specification. This solution is designed to help users access information efficiently, providing secure access to real-time project documents stored in a centralised, cloud-based repository, accelerating the design review and feedback process. 

Pricing: Upon consultation.


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help teams organise and manage their projects. Each board represents a project, and within each board, you can create lists of tasks, ideas, or anything else that needs to be tracked. You can then add cards to each list, which can include information like due dates, descriptions, attachments, and more. Trello also offers integrations with other tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox, making it easy to collaborate with your team and keep all your project information in one place.

Pricing: Trello offers a free version that includes basic features like unlimited boards, lists, and cards. They also offer a Business Class version for $9.99/user/month


Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that allows teams to create and assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress on projects. You can organise your tasks into projects, and within each project, you can create sections to organise your tasks further. Asana also offers features like calendars, timelines, and dashboards to help you keep track of your work, and it integrates with other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.

Pricing: Asana offers a free version that includes basic features like unlimited tasks, projects, and dashboards. They also offer a Premium version for $10.99/user/month


Basecamp is an all-in-one project management tool that offers features like to-do lists, schedules, team chat, and file storage. You can create projects within Basecamp and invite your team to collaborate on them. Each project includes tools like to-do lists, message boards, and schedules, and you can also share files and documents with your team. Basecamp also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android, making it easy to manage your projects on the go.

Pricing: Basecamp offers a flat-rate pricing model of $99/month for unlimited users and projects. This includes all features like to-do lists, schedules, team chat, and file storage. They also offer a 30-day free trial for new users.


Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool that offers features like task management, collaboration, time tracking, and reporting. You can create tasks within Wrike, assign them to team members, and track progress on each task. Wrike also offers features like calendars, Gantt charts, and dashboards to help you stay on top of your work, and it integrates with other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

Pricing: Wrike offers a free version that includes basic features like task management and collaboration. They also offer a Professional version for $9.80/user/month


Smartsheet is a collaborative work management tool that allows teams to manage their projects, tasks, and workflows. You can create sheets within Smartsheet, which can include things like task lists, calendars, and project plans. You can also assign tasks to team members, track progress, and set deadlines. Smartsheet also offers features like automation, reporting, and integrations with other tools like Salesforce and Jira.

Pricing: Smartsheet offers a free trial for 30 days, and their pricing starts at $14/user/month for the Individual version, which includes basic features like sheets and forms.

Zebra Technologies

Work Force Connect PTT Push-To-Talk Pro creates a communication capability between disparate enterprise devices, instantly broadcasting messages between different departments. Its easy implementation, with businesses only needing to plug it into existing infrastructure to start using it immediately, makes it a cost-effective way to connect workers and facilitate collaboration. 

Going one step further, PTT Pro is a feature-rich solution that empowers frontline workers to use mobile devices to broadcast time-sensitive messages to up to an entire team at the push of a button, getting faster, more efficient, and secure communications via a trusted solution, rather than relying on personal devices.  

Pricing: Upon consultation.

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