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How much do legal services really cost?

Lawpath, Australia’s leading online legal platform for businesses and individuals, has released a legal pricing menu in order to create transparency between lawyers and businesses.

When it comes to law, you don’t have the benefit of seeing what exactly you’re getting, and for what cost.

The resource provided by Lawpath breaks through all of the barriers, and shows you exactly what you can expect to pay for each legal service you may need in your business at any stage. 

Lawpath CEO, Dominic Woolrych, believes the reason that a resource like this isn’t usually widely available is due to a lack of data provision.

“The major limitation to providing this type of content is data. The lawpath platform allows us to onboard and service up to 200 new clients a day. This allows us to collect vast amounts of anonymised data on both what clients want to pay and also what lawyers charge. We’ve created this pricing menu as we believe the more businesses understand the costs the more confident they will feel seeking the legal protections that they need,” Woolrych said.

The legal pricing menu reveals lots of useful financial insights for small businesses, from guidance on how much initial consults typically cost – to contract drafting and workplace policy documentation.

As an example, Lawpath’s data (taken from 10,000 legal quotes) shows that drafting a fresh contract can cost anywhere from $700 – $4,000. If you need legal advice in the case of copy infringement, this could cost anywhere from $500 – $2000 and if you need a confidentiality agreement that would be around $300 – $500.

It’s important for small businesses to educate themselves on legal fees, as many avoid legal help altogether due to a lack of understanding on services and reasonable pricing.

CEO Dominic Woolrych said, “Recent government studies show that 80% of Australian businesses don’t seek legal help due to the cost. We believe a big reason behind this issue is that businesses do not understand both legal services and the pricing. At Lawpath we are trying to provide as much information as possible on both what legal service entail and also provide clear and transparent messaging around costs.”

Lawpath aims to provide businesses with no-fuss legal services where costs are quoted up front; “We believe that transparency is the key to better relationships between clients and lawyers.”

Lawpath shared with us that their data shows the majority of small businesses have never worked with a lawyer, and when they are asked why, these are the reasons given:

  • The cost of hiring a lawyer
  • Feeling intimidated by lawyers
  • Being reluctant to see a lawyer
  • The difficulty of establishing trust 

In this legal pricing menu, Lawpath provide a breakdown of the costs associated with each type of lawyer so you’ll know what you’d be expected to pay.

You wouldn’t order a three-course dinner without knowing how much it will cost, so why do something as important as hire a lawyer without having some food for thought?

Lawpath is Australia’s leading provider of online legal services for businesses and individuals, providing technology powered legal solutions at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of the traditional system. Lawpath’s online legal hub provides an easy one stop shop for legal services. Since launching in 2013, Lawpath has helped over 90,000 Australians save over $50 million in legal fees.

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