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CEO and founder Tessa Court on all things marketing, compliance and her business learnings

In this episode, we speak to Tessa Court, who is the CEO and founder of IntelligenceBank.

IntelligenceBank is a Melbourne startup founded in 2009 which helps content marketers manage digital assets, creative content approvals and compliance, and creative project management.

IntelligenceBank also helps marketers ensure that their content meets standards set by industry regulators. With that in mind, IntelligenceBank’s typical clients operate in regulated industries such as financial services, health care, travel and food processing & manufacturing.

Tessa started the company to come up with a solution to problems she experienced while running sales operations for a startup.

Prior to IntelligenceBank, Tessa was a member of the Executive Team at Hitwise, an audience measurement firm, where she managed the global expansion of the company into Asia, the US and the UK.

We talk all things marketing, compliance and workplace culture. You can also catch up on this episode on Apple podcasts or Spotify.

Connect with Tessa or learn more about IntelligenceBank. Also, make sure you catch up on her workplace culture top tips if you haven’t already!

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