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Chamberlain Group's Marketing Director (International), Grant Emanuel

Chamberlain Group’s Marketing Director (International), Grant Emanuel

Disaster recovery: A 72-hour turnaround after flooded, collapsed offices

In November 2018, during a Sydney storm, the Chamberlain Group’s head office in Australia flooded – with the equivalent volume of water in a 25m swimming pool.

Not only was there extensive water damage, the ceilings collapsed and everything inside was destroyed. It was only within 72 hours that the 40 plus member Chamberlain team were back up and running though – a pretty impressive timeframe, we think you’ll agree!

Natural disaster is striking small businesses across the whole of Australia, from bushfires to extreme flooding.

We have covered some of the relief and help small businesses are currently receiving in these times of disaster, but in this podcast episode we actually get first-hand experience of what it’s like to go through it, as well as some critical advice to get back into operations quickly.

We spoke with Grant Emanuel, who is the Marketing Director of the Chamberlain Group (the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door, commercial door and gate openers) to talk through their recovery. Grant was part of the team responsible for the decisions around this. So today we’re going to talk about how they responded so effectively.

The disaster challenged and changed the Chamberlain team for the better, with some surprisingly positive outcomes.

With many businesses dealing with natural disaster across Australia at the moment, we hope that this a really helpful discussion for many small businesses in challenging times.


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