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Digital signage and augmented reality to take off in 2014

2014 is set to be a big year for the digital signage and augmented reality industry in Australia.

Digital signage is the using of screens in stores to deliver marketing messages and improved shopping experiences to consumers, while augmented reality apps are increasingly being used in conjunction with catalogues or magazines to unlock extra video or audio content.

Tanya Williams, business development manager at Prendi said they’re seeing businesses big and small embrace digital.

“At one level we work with companies who understood the need for digital signage to create a more engaging experience from day one. We are also getting a lot of briefs for digital activations from companies that want to be first to market with unique activations like augmented reality or projection mapping,” she said.

As the possibilities with digital are endless, the company is constantly innovating. Earlier this year, Prendi unveiled its Virtual Wardrobe, which allows consumers to mix and match outfits from different retailers in a shopping centre.

The company also recently worked with Brisbane’s Style Magazine to transform its December issue cover from a static image into a video showcasing its cover star, Audi, through an app.

However, Williams warns that the flashy technology won’t work unless it’s showcasing powerful messages.

“The thing that most companies, including the ones that already have digital screens, fail to understand is that the most important element is the content showing on those screens. They fail to budget for or implement it, which often means the solutions are much less effective,” she said.

Williams has the following tips for SMBs looking to invest in digital signage in 2014:

Work with a reputable company that can offer an end-to-end solution

We see a lot of ‘fly by nighters’ who have gotten into the industry for the quick win on a couple of digital screens. They often don’t understand the technology, the available and varied options, or how to create custom solutions.  You don’t want to work with anyone that is trying to flog you one particular brand or product, as they’re not looking out for your best interests.

Find a solution that is fit for purpose

An off the rack solution is not always suitable so think about your environment, your target audience, the flow of traffic, and the type of marketing messages you want to portray. The solution should fit around all these objectives and be fit for those purposes.

Take a phased approach

You don’t have to do everything at once.  Start with a basic solution like one or two digital screens with some expertly created content then think about other digital elements like touch screens as you grow.

We understand that SMEs have limited budgets so taking a phased approach with an overall view of where you want to get to in a certain timeframe is a great way of approaching this new technology.

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