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Having an online store is a good achievement in keeping up with the trends of selling online, but what are the secrets to making your store run effectively? These days it is not enough just to be online, we have to dig deeper into what makes users click.

To be able to drive traffic to your website, it is important to use marketing methods like search engine optimisation (SEO). However, there will be fewer benefits if the visitors do not know what they are doing once they find your site. Poor user experience is frequently the main problem among e-commerce websites today. But, there’s a solution to this problem and it can be addressed in the form of e-commerce conversation rate optimisation (CRO).

Conversion rate optimisation is the art of increasing the number of people visiting your site who complete the actions that you intend them to take. Everything, whether it’s content, images or videos seen in your site, can be used as effective conversion points. Through these, visitors will have a picture in their minds about the nature of your business. They will learn about your products and services. What the visitors’ experience will become the deciding factor whether they will purchase or not.

How to optimise your e-commerce:

1. Display your best-selling products on the homepage.

By using Google Analytics or your site’s admin reports, you can discover the top selling products in your site. As soon as you recognize them, concentrate on your marketing plan prioritizing these products that give you top profits. Most likely, you can present them in a banner slider or other appealing visual form.

It is vital to guide every visitor on how to use your site to get the product. Give them a step-by-step procedure on what they will do and where will they go, eliminating confusion. Showing your visitors how to navigate and how they get what they want will resolve the common blocks to conversion.

2. Embed videos on your site’s landing pages.

Videos are very attractive and they arouse the interest of the visitors about your products and services, leading to greater visitor engagement. To increase your site’s credibility, you can create an effective marketing video clip. Very clearly, it offers the unique features of the product and the great benefits as well. Both audio and visual media allow potential customers to become convinced of the value of what you are selling. It has been proven that a video is a lot more effective in attracting visitors than a long and wordy content.

3. Make the whole process simple and fast.

You should make the easiest purchasing procedure for your visitors. Begin asking yourself: “How can my purchase process be simpler?” or “Can this step be eliminated?” Bear in mind that simplifying things does not mean going to extremes and skipping details. This is where the conversation rate can be improved and leveraged.

CRO provides clearness over briefness. It makes it easy for the visitor to know and follow each step you give them. It could be as simple as giving visitors some sort of information about the expected delivery of the product.

4. Use reviews to guide potential consumers.  

From the standpoint of an average customer, reviews are based on the social evidence principle. For instance, if you want to try a specific product or service, you will fist take a look at what others are saying. This is a reliable advice visitors can get from previous consumers. Reviews get a high level of importance in deciding to purchase.

Review management plays a vital role in keeping on top against any poor or negative reviews. Unpleasant reviews should be worked on to reduce the possible causes; otherwise, they will affect your conversion rate.

5. Allow the sales section to be prominent.

E-commerce products are frequently advertised in multiple platforms, but most of the time the sales category is overlooked. For the best benefits of the visitors, you can use an eye-catching image or a text in the sales category that everyone will notice on your site. A good use of this is displaying the previous price versus the present price. With that, the visitors can view how much they can save if they buy the product immediately.

It‘s important to know and apply the secrets of e-commerce optimisation for maximising your sales. It’s not beneficial to have a store if visitors cannot be converted into buying consumers. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep optimising the site so that more customers will try your products and services. Without this fundamental of e-commerce, everything else could just be a waste of resources and precious time.


About the Author:

Scott Donald is the Chief Strategist at Magentiv and a specialist in e-commerce optimisation.

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